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Advertise Your Transport Offerings Through a Related Platform

Whilst car park ticket advertising works for every type of business, from high street shops to independent theatres, it delivers especially well for companies based in the transport sector. This is because the driver willingly receives the ticket (and the advert by extension) when in their vehicle, so a message about transportation is particularly relevant to their current surroundings and situation.

There are plenty of examples of transport campaigns. For instance, you may want to advertise your new or existing Park & Ride service, which is ideal for commuters, tourists and local shoppers alike. Alternatively, it might be that your advert is for a new bus or rail service, or a special offer that gets people from A to B quickly and affordably. Either way, someone who has just parked up is in the perfect frame of mind to digest this information. A billboard is most likely seen whilst driving, and a radio advert is easily forgotten; however, a car park ticket advert is retained by the individual and referred to at least once again after receipt, making it a far more effective method of communication.

Or perhaps it’s not a paid service that you’d like to talk about, and instead want to focus on safety information that help drivers, cyclists and pedestrians simultaneously. Examples are warnings about level crossings and train platforms, the rules surrounding cycling safety, and how to stay in control during winter when the roads get frosty. Alternatively, you might simply want to encourage more people to stay healthy and reduce congestion through walking. cycling, car sharing and getting off the bus one stop early. It really is up to you what you talk about, and we’re here to help you do it clearly and affordably.

Speaking of which, car park ticket advertising is a highly versatile method of marketing. You can choose to run one promotion in a single location, up to six campaigns at the same time across as many sites as you wish, or anything in-between. Meanwhile, you have the option of sending us print-ready artwork, asking for some advice and insight first, or handing all of the design work over to our in-house studio. We’re also here to advise on the best way to get your campaigns seen and their call to actions followed, so don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you wish.

So whether you’re a regional department of Stagecoach, a local authority dedicated to improving road safety or a mechanic promoting MOT services, give us a call today on 01482 679608 or use our contact form. One of our friendly sales team will take all of the stress out of getting your campaigns seen by your target audience whilst sticking within your budget and timeframe – that’s the AdsOnTickets guarantee!

Car park ticket advertising is a fantastic tactical and targeted sales medium to help drive footfall to our restaurants.
Head of Marketing - Handmade Burger Co. / The Sargeant Partnership
I have run several car park ticket advertising campaigns with AdsOnTickets to promote my Subway Stores, and each time have seen a five-fold return.
Jonny Kempsey, Owner - Subway New Forest (Kempsey Goodison Ltd.)
We have used this method of advertising to promote sales and to get our name known to a wider audience, for the last 2 works nicely for us.
Owner/Proprietor - Fillingham Christmas Trees
Car park ticket advertising has been most effective, we've seen a real drive in volume and redemption from our target audience.
Rob Carmichael, Brand Manager - Vision Express
This has the potential to reach those people that are paying for ad-hoc parking and so are potentially more likely to change travel behaviour.
Dr Collin Little, Sustainability Officer - Glasgow City Council

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