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If your business sells space in any format, you have a very clear idea as to your maximum capacity and safety parameters. A theatre, for example, may have a minimum sales target of 40% for every performance, whilst a restaurant could require at least a dozen covers on any given evening. The bigger the venue, the more people through its doors and bums on seats required to stay afloat and prosper.


At AdsOnTickets, we completely understand the importance of sales marketing. Whilst brand storytelling and open communications are essential, in the end it’s the sale that keeps your business going. Of course, the sale itself is dependent upon a strong identity and clear voice, so we offer a means of combining everything in a single platform.


Car park ticket advertising is more popular than ever. Whilst a traditional method of promotion, it simply keeps on growing due to there being larger audiences and more opportunities than ever before. Put simply, more drivers means more cars, which means more car parks, which means more car park tickets. This is extremely beneficial for customers that make use of our services, resulting in an amazing return on investment for very little effort.


By complementing the right messages with impactful artwork, you can draw eyes to your campaign, product or service. By then placing this combo on the reverse of our car park tickets, we guarantee that thousands of drivers and passengers will digest the information in a natural habitat. So rather than a billboard that’s missed or forgotten, a video advert that’s skipped, a magazine promotion that’s lost amongst dozens of others, or a social media campaign that appears when the viewer isn’t necessarily free to explore it, we deliver your messages directly into people’s hands at exactly the right time.


This is bolstered by the fact that the ticket is required by the driver to access the premises. What’s more, it’s needed again when they wish to leave without a fuss, meaning that they store it safely in the interim. This natural retention of the ticket results in your advert being seen multiple times by the vast majority of recipients. On top of that, many people then leave the tickets in their vehicles, purses or pockets, to be viewed again at a later date, whilst others keep them for tax purposes.


So whilst we don’t want to dissuade you from leaflet drops and Facebook ads, we really must emphasise how relevant car park ticket advertising is to your business. If you want to increase visits by enticing new customers and reengaging lapsed patrons, all you have to do is choose which of our many UK locations suits you best and we’ll do the rest.


To use tickets to sell tickets, get in touch on 01482 679608 or use our contact form. Together we’ll fill up those seats and keep your cash flow flowing!



Car park ticket advertising is a fantastic tactical and targeted sales medium to help drive footfall to our restaurants.
Head of Marketing - Handmade Burger Co. / The Sargeant Partnership
I have run several car park ticket advertising campaigns with AdsOnTickets to promote my Subway Stores, and each time have seen a five-fold return.
Jonny Kempsey, Owner - Subway New Forest (Kempsey Goodison Ltd.)
We have used this method of advertising to promote sales and to get our name known to a wider audience, for the last 2 works nicely for us.
Owner/Proprietor - Fillingham Christmas Trees
Car park ticket advertising has been most effective, we've seen a real drive in volume and redemption from our target audience.
Rob Carmichael, Brand Manager - Vision Express
This has the potential to reach those people that are paying for ad-hoc parking and so are potentially more likely to change travel behaviour.
Dr Collin Little, Sustainability Officer - Glasgow City Council

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