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New Year, New Opportunities

Whilst January is seen as the time for setting personal goals and New Year’s resolutions, the same should apply to your business. Take a look back at your last twelve months of operations and think about what could change for the better. It could be improving your green initiative, developing your recruitment processes, and there’s always room for enhancing the way you deliver messages to targeted audiences.

AdsOnTickets can certainly help with the latter through our professional, affordable and time-tested promotional channels. Car park ticket advertising is more effective than ever before – not in spite of digital saturation, but because of it.

In a world where our eyes are constantly glued to screens, we often miss the details due to the amount of data accessed in one go. As soon as we look away, we digest information in a more natural way and remember it more clearly. With car park ticket advertising being in the physical realm, you’ll find that you get more people following your call to action than you would through a social media post or YouTube video.

By advertising on the reverse of our tickets, you’ll reach drivers at a time that’s perfectly suited for reading messages. Rather than seeing your ad whilst driving, sat at the traffic lights or walking from their car to a destination, they view it as soon as they’ve parked their vehicle. This is because they then need to put the ticket somewhere safe, which results in it receiving their full attention during that short period of calm.

Over the last two decades we’ve worked with all kinds of businesses to refresh their marketing and sales strategy, and there’s no better time to look into this cost-effective platform that at the beginning of the year. Whether you book us in January or wait until your new financial period, what’s important is that you recognise the benefits that our advertising solutions bring and how they’ll positively affect your sales margins.

For instance, you can either supply the artwork yourself, ask us for advice, or leave it entirely in the hands of our expert in-house design studio. Similarly, you can choose the locations that best suit your campaign, or we could provide recommendations on hotspots that we think will give the best ROI. And then there’s the option to run up to six campaigns simultaneously, which is great for everything from A/B testing, to offering different promotions for individual branches of your company.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call on 01482 679608 or use our contact form and one of our friendly team will clear up any questions for you. Once that’s done, together we’ll make 2018 your most smooth and profitable year yet!

Car park ticket advertising is a fantastic tactical and targeted sales medium to help drive footfall to our restaurants.
Head of Marketing - Handmade Burger Co. / The Sargeant Partnership
I have run several car park ticket advertising campaigns with AdsOnTickets to promote my Subway Stores, and each time have seen a five-fold return.
Jonny Kempsey, Owner - Subway New Forest (Kempsey Goodison Ltd.)
We have used this method of advertising to promote sales and to get our name known to a wider audience, for the last 2 works nicely for us.
Owner/Proprietor - Fillingham Christmas Trees
Car park ticket advertising has been most effective, we've seen a real drive in volume and redemption from our target audience.
Rob Carmichael, Brand Manager - Vision Express
This has the potential to reach those people that are paying for ad-hoc parking and so are potentially more likely to change travel behaviour.
Dr Collin Little, Sustainability Officer - Glasgow City Council

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