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Why Car Park Ticket Advertising? … Because it works!

    With Car Park Ticket Advertising, you are placing your company’s message directly into the hands of your customer. Now, more than ever, consumers are looking for a bargain and with the rise in popularity of online coupon sites, in the wake of the recent recession, consumers are increasingly embracing the benefits of shopping with voucher and coupon incentives. Over 80 percent of car drivers have purchased a Pay & Display ticket with the intention of heading straight to the shops…perhaps clutching your incentive! Car Park Ticket Advertising allows you to reach and engage potential spenders. Having an incentive in their hand makes a shopper more inclined to visit your premises.

    The great benefit of using Car Park Ticket Advertising for your business promotion is that it is totally adaptable and bespoke to your business. Whether you are a national corporation or a local business, our campaigns can be tailored to reach a local or national demographic. We have a range of campaign lengths and with the ability to run up to 6 adverts at once, you can be sure that your message, incentive or promotions campaign has been tailored to benefit the specific requirements of your company. Car Park Ticket Advertising is very cost effective and we have a range of flexible pricing and payment options available ensuring this great advertising resource is open to all.

    We offer advertising opportunities in a variety of areas across the UK, many of which are operated by local authorities, so Car Park Ticket Advertising is a fantastic resource for creating awareness and delivering public information for Councils and Public Services or businesses in any other sector.

    Car Park Ticket Advertising offers a fantastic return on investment, and if you are not using this avenue as part of your advertising, there is a good chance that your competitors are. Campaigns can be tailored to fit into seasonal events, so they’re always relevant and directly hits your target audience.

    Targeted Advertising = Smart Advertising!

    Get in contact to find out about campaign options for your business.

Why Retailers?
  • You know your target audience – shoppers use car parks.
  • Option to target proximity to shop / outlet or further afield.
  • Run with multiple offers, vouchers, or awareness messages, or a combination.
  • Is your store new? Out of town? Tell your potential customers.
Why Motor Trade?
  • Guaranteed to be delivered into the hands of your target audience – Motorists.
  • Offer / voucher dates can be open-ended to catch annual services (like MOTs and Servicing) or unexpected services (tyre repairs and replacements, scratch repair, etc.) allowing potential customers to retain tickets for when services required.
  • Run with multiple offers, vouchers, or awareness messages, or a combination.
Why Visitor Attractions?
  • Retain advert to use in future.
  • Target whole families.
  • Advertise your attraction to a combination of local residents and visitors.
  • Some ticket types allow for 2 adverts; promote on the day of visit and further offer for future use.
Why Awareness?
  • Can promote several services at a time.
  • Target local residents or visitors.
  • Up to 5-7 people in each car.
  • High volume.
Why Food?
  • Target all age groups.
  • Option to target proximity to restaurant or further afield.
  • Run with multiple offers, vouchers, or awareness messages, or a combination.
  • Is the restaurant new? Out of town? Tell your potential customers.
Why not? Get in touch
Car park ticket advertising is a fantastic tactical and targeted sales medium to help drive footfall to our restaurants.
Head of Marketing - Handmade Burger Co. / The Sargeant Partnership
I have run several car park ticket advertising campaigns with AdsOnTickets to promote my Subway Stores, and each time have seen a five-fold return.
Jonny Kempsey, Owner - Subway New Forest (Kempsey Goodison Ltd.)
We have used this method of advertising to promote sales and to get our name known to a wider audience, for the last 2 works nicely for us.
Owner/Proprietor - Fillingham Christmas Trees
Car park ticket advertising has been most effective, we've seen a real drive in volume and redemption from our target audience.
Rob Carmichael, Brand Manager - Vision Express
This has the potential to reach those people that are paying for ad-hoc parking and so are potentially more likely to change travel behaviour.
Dr Collin Little, Sustainability Officer - Glasgow City Council
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