5 Finance Apps to Help You Stay on Track

You work hard in your job, yet sometimes it can be difficult to see where the money is going. However, with digital tools and apps such as the ones we’ve listed below, you can keep track of your cash and investments at the click of a button.

Money Dashboard

Completely free to download and use, Money Dashboardis one of the most popular budgeting apps out there. Ideal for getting a snapshot of your spending, the handy app categorises your income and outgoings and creates clear graphs and charts.

It’s fantastic for those saving to buy a house or pay off debt. The only thing you can’t do is actually move money between accounts, but it’s still a great tool for visualising your finances.


At £3.99 per month, Squirrelis the most expensive finance app on our list, yet it’s still very affordable and offers a multitude of services. It splits your salary into weekly payments, enables you to set an allowance, handles your bills and holds back money in a savings account.

Whilst you can’t earn interest on the savings, it’s extremely useful for those who frequently find themselves in their overdraft.   


Ever wanted a trusted friend to advise on your spending habits? Meet Cleo, the app that cleverly combines artificial intelligence and emojis.

If you’re unsure of your current bank balance, simply message Cleo and she’ll let you know your figures, spending patterns, and if you’re staying on budget for the month. What’s more, you can connect with Cleo on Messenger, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or via SMS.

The practical app also provides straightforward graphs and charts, so you can see exactly where your money is going.


A wonderful tool for those wanting a bit more from their digital finance apps, Spendeeis definitely worth downloading.

Alongside tracking and grouping your expenditure, this helpful assistant provides you with the ability to share accounts with flatmates and partners, add multiple digital wallets for different parts of your life, and is compatible with a diverse number of currencies, making it a prime choice for frequent travellers.


Interested in investing but have no clue where to start? Start small by saving your spare change with Moneybox. A handy feature is to link it with your bank account and round up everyday purchases. For example, if you spend £3.80 on lunch every day, an extra 20p can be put aside and invested in stocks and shares.

Of course, there’s no guarantee what you will earn back from the stock market, but many users say that they’ve had positive experiences from putting their loose shrapnel to good use, instead of it going missing down the back of the sofa.

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