A Guide to Empowering Your Workforce

Companies are constantly searching for ways of achieving increased productivity in the workplace, yet often overlook the connection productivity has with empowerment.

Employees who feel empowered are generally happier, more innovative, creative and productive. Here are a handful of workplace techniques to motivate your employees that are easy to implement.


Simply allow your staff freedom to do their job to the best of their ability. Rather than breathing down their neck, allowing employees a good degree of autonomy will send a clear message that you trust their instincts and aptitude.

Nothing is more empowering than a leader’s trust. Furthermore, studies have indicated that giving employees a little space can increase workplace productivity. Some studies have shown that companies that empower team members with more freedom are 10-20 times more likely to outperform companies that don’t.

Incentives and recognition

Implementing incentives across the workplace, no matter how small, can have a huge impact on empowering employees to succeed. Financial bonuses are the foundation of the sales and recruitment industry as they compel workers to hit their monthly, quarterly and annual targets.

However, incentives don’t have to be monetary, so why not introduce a monthly event rewarded to the most productive team? This could be a meal out, a trip to the theatre or a creative activity. A study shows that a staggering 77% of people would work harder if they felt better recognised in their role.

Open-door policy

Companies can further empower their employees by embracing an open-door policy within the structure of their business. This means that CEOs, Managing Directors and supervisors have their doors open for chats at all times, encouraging employees to speak with them openly about work-related issues.

It’s a democratic approach to business that emphasises transparency. Allowing staff the chance to communicate across all levels of the hierarchy will provide them with clarity on the wider objectives of the company. It also gives them the chance to voice concerns they may not wish to speak about with their immediate manager.

An open-door policy is not just beneficial to employees, as it also allows managers the chance to better understand the needs of their office and extract useful ideas on a regular basis.

Suggestions box

Voicing a workplace concern or articulating an innovative idea may be intimidating for any employee, especially someone new to the company. The best way of alleviating this is by creating a suggestions box that sits in the office at all times.

Team members can simply write down any concerns, opinions or novel ideas that come to them whilst at work. You never know, an empowered employee may just come up with the next revolutionary idea that could transform your business.


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