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With digital marketing strategies, social media, outdoor promotional sites and the ability to have practically anything branded, the world of advertising has never had more diversity. However, whilst other mediums have had to respond to changes in the way target audiences access information, car park ticket advertising has remained pretty much the same. The reason for this is simple: it always works.

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AdsOnTickets hosts numerous UK sites that are waiting to roll out your key messages and special offers. With the option of multiple campaigns running simultaneously, you can even test the effectiveness of different creative approaches and geographical areas through web metrics and a site-specific promo code. Or you could simply take a blanket approach and convey the same design in as many places as you wish, it really is that flexible.

Whilst car park ticket advertising is primarily used by retailers, shopping centres, leisure attractions and the motor trade, it’s also an excellent way to raise awareness of health campaigns, charity drives, volunteering opportunities and social good (e.g. community projects, recycling schemes, literacy initiatives). Whether you’re an NHS body, a private healthcare specialist or an organisation focusing on fitness, nutrition and wellbeing, we can help you to reach people directly to educate in matters as diverse as diets, cancer checks and mental health. Meanwhile, local authorities could send people to a mini-site focusing on waste management, or a charity may use it to get people involved in a citywide fun run.

Car park ticket advertising can seize people’s attention immediately, yet there’s also a lot of value in drip-fed information and slow burning recognition. Most drivers use car parks on a weekly or even a daily basis; if they’re seeing your message over a long term, it will sink in deeper than through a two-minute YouTube video or temporary billboard, all while working to your budget and timeframe.

We firmly believe that everything from health checks and smoking cessation kits to composting and sponsored abseiling can benefit from car park ticket advertising, helping to increase life-saving activity and develop world-changing mindsets. Ready to start advertising? Get in touch on 01482 679608 or use our contact form and let’s make a difference together!

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