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Car park ticket advertising is an ideal promotional tool for all kinds of businesses, offering the ability to reach drivers in their natural environment. But the medium isn’t reserved solely for the retail sector, as numerous health, wellbeing and social organisations also put the system to effective use on a regular basis.


A prime example of a local government sector using AdsOnTickets to spread the word is the adoption and fostering department. Whilst benefiting from the usual features of car park ticket advertising, such as versatility, affordability, hundreds of possible locations and the option of focusing on individual cities or rolling out nationally, adoption and fostering services also take advantage of an additional perk: suitability. Whereas a billboard, video campaign, social media activity and printed materials can be accessed by practically anyone, which therefore means many that are way outside of the target market, the majority of drivers are over 21 and have an income that is more likely to fit within the adoption service’s requirements. This means that there’s a higher chance of the advert being seen by people who either want to adopt/foster or may be open to the idea in the near future.

With our car park sites strategically situated across the UK, you can target your local city or region, spread a campaign across a wider area or in key cities hundreds of miles apart, or even launch up to six different designs as a means of tailoring to individual markets, which also allows you to gauge responses as part of a research and development strategy. With most other marketing channels being either overly localised, sporadic without any logical pattern or laid out too far apart to make a large impact, car park ticket advertising accesses drivers right in their vehicles, wherever they may be. The medium also benefits from a greater longevity, as the driver has to hold onto the ticket in order to leave the car park, and many workers retain theirs for tax purposes or to reclaim as expenses. This means that your advert for adoption and fostering services has the potential to be seen, digested and then even passed on, rather than ignored, discarded and forgotten.

With so many children up for adoption or requiring loving foster parents, car park ticket advertising offers a cost-effective and highly versatile solution to reaching the right people. By providing key information and a call to action, such as a phone number or website, you can also make use of the other habit of drivers: checking their phones once parked. If you lead them to an engaging and helpful landing page right there and then, you should find that your enquiry rate increases faster than it would when advertising through a platform that’s easy to disregard.

We’re here to help you achieve your goals. Give AdsOnTickets a call on 01482 679608 or use our contact form and together we’ll match kids in need to suitable adults faster than ever.

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