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Customers come to us for help with a range of campaigns, from local authorities and health organisations looking to increase awareness of recycling and GP services, to tourist attractions offering buy-one-get-one-free promotions during the summer months. What we don’t get a huge amount of is campaigns targeted to students, which means that retailers and eateries are missing a trick.

Generally speaking, when people think about students, they assume that they walk everywhere or take the bus due to limited funds. In fact, university campuses have large areas dedicated to student parking, as a significant ratio own their own car. The beauty of advertising special discounts to students is that they’re very likely to respond, as saving a little money here and there goes a long way. Add to that the carpool nature of students, with the driver giving friends a lift to the shops and groups getting together for a road trip, and you have yourself an even larger chance of accessing multiple people with a single ticket.

As with all of our customers, what you decide to advertise is entirely up to you. It could be a product, service, event, social good message, or anything else that you want spreading across targeted locations. If you’re able to present a special offer, such as BOGOF, free entry or any other incentive, you’ll find that it brings with it an even stronger return on investment over a prolonged period. Whilst flyers, billboards and video marketing are all well and good, car park ticket advertising is highly effective, coming with extended message retention and a greater longevity. The reason for this is that the ticket is a product in itself, one that the driver willingly accepts in exchange for staying on the premises without incurring penalty fees. In taking the ticket, they’re also taking your advert in hand to keep safe for future use, which results in a much higher chance of the promotion being viewed more than once.

As for your student discount being seen by a non-student, this isn’t necessarily a wasted opportunity. In the same way that an advert for men’s shoes won’t be applicable to a female driver but will be to her male friends, a student promo can be passed from a relative to someone in their family who is currently studying. This means that if the ticket doesn’t land on someone in your target audience, it still has a decent chance of being passed on to them.

So whether you’re a shop, website, restaurant or anywhere else that wants to access students, choose car park ticket advertising with AdsOnTickets. We have decades of experience and hundreds of bustling locations across the UK, so we’re an old school supplier with our finger on the pulse.

Get in touch on 01482 679608 or use our contact form and we’ll drive a fresh, new demographic to your business.


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