Are You Using Our Advertising Solutions to the Max?

If you’re only using car park ticket advertising every now and then, or as a small add-on to a campaign, you’re really missing a trick. Our solutions are time-tested, affordable, versatile and highly effective, and there are many more great reasons to make the most of this impactful medium.

Car park tickets themselves are essential, as they’re a product required to access a service. Flyers, posters, billboards and even video advertising can’t make this bold claim, and whilst magazine and newspaper adverts can, they’re often missed due to the sheer amount of competition vying for the reader’s attention. With an advert on the back of a car park ticket, your branding and key messages are happily accepted by the driver, and due to your campaign taking up the entire reverse, there’s a much higher likelihood of it being digested.

We’ve been providing car park ticket advertising options for decades, so we really know how to get your promotions out there. Part of this is the UK sites that we work with, all of which are based in or near bustling urban hotspots and popular tourist attractions. Furthermore, the tickets that we produce are of an exceptional quality, guaranteeing durability and high visibility printing. Add to this the retention factor of a ticket (lose it and you’ll need to call for assistance in order to leave the premises), and you have yourself some unparalleled longevity alongside easy accessibility.

So, no having to flick through pages to get to your ad, no having it chucked in the bin moments after receiving it, and no forgetting the message due to it being conveyed at a time when the audience is focusing on other things. That’s not a bad combination for a promotional solution that’s also extremely cost-effective and capable of being rolled out on a massive scale. You can even choose to deliver up to six campaigns simultaneously, allowing you to target different demographics, test responses to different designs, or simply add extra layers of versatility to your marketing strategy.

On top of all that, car park tickets are ideal for sharing special offers, discounts, redemption codes and other means of tracking customer engagement. Whether it’s something that needs to be scanned, quoted or handed to the cashier, we can help you to achieve huge results from a tiny piece of paper.

Ready to make a smart decision? Get in touch with AdsOnTickets on 01482 679608 or use our contact form. Together we’ll make your budget go miles and miles further than ever before.


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