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Every few weeks there seems to be yet another new way of advertising a product or service. Whilst this can interesting and provide options, you also need to make sure that the medium is appropriate for your brand and capable of delivering a strong return on investment.


Whether it’s your message on your favourite sweets, a logo pressure-washed into the pavement or even custom shaped foam clouds, the world of promotions is nothing if not versatile. However, many options are short-lived, some border on the unlawful or prohibited, and others are admittedly visual but ultimately useless. So if you have money to burn, please do go ahead, but we’re here to offer cost-effective solutions to those who want to make their budget go a long way.


Car park ticket advertising is extremely efficient, as your campaigns can be rolled out to as many advertising sites across the UK as you wish, limited to key focus areas, or split between different cities as a means of testing up to six unique designs. The nature of the ticket itself is one of functionality and necessity, as the driver requires it in order to pay for their parking and vacate the premises without being locked in or chased by security officers. As a result, your advert is retained for longer, seen more often, and digested by a larger audience than most flyers and billboards.


It’s not just a case of people happily accepting the ticket; they often retain it afterwards too as proof of purchase for tax purposes or reimbursement from their employer. This adds even further to the impact and longevity of the advertising campaign, communicating your messages efficiently without coming across as pushy, disruptive or annoying.


You can either choose to supply completed artwork or hire our expert in-house team to create engaging designs. We also manage the printing and distribution of the tickets, guaranteeing that your campaigns hit their targets demographically as well as geographically. Depending on your business, you could also choose specific locations that are more suited to your offering, such as retail centres, affluent areas, large cities, smaller towns or family hotspots.


We’re here to make everything easy for you, so get in touch on 01482 679608 or use our contact form and together we can find the best solution for your business.

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