Car Park Ticket Advertising Fits Any Campaign

Depending on your type of business, you’ll have a certain range of messages that need communicating to a specific schedule. Whilst retailers tend to focus on large seasonal trends, such as summer offers and Christmas deals, local authorities tie in their campaigns with service launches and changes, which are more sporadic.

With car park ticket advertising, you have a versatile promotional platform that is ready to convey your information and remains effective all year round. Even the relatively quiet times of year still see car parks filled with vehicles, and with every vehicle comes at least one member of the public that can access your promotion.

AdsOnTickets has decades of experience in managing promotional campaigns for a wide-ranging portfolio of repeat customers, from Vision Express and Handmade Burger Co, to Winchester BID and Go Safe Glasgow. Our customers know that we will always offer advice and suggestions on how to create the most eye-catching campaign possible that delivers a strong call to action, helping to drive footfall, web traffic and overall awareness.


If your organisation is a healthcare service or charity, you can use our services to encourage social good, fundraising and higher wellbeing. If you’re a mechanic, talking about MOT services, repair jobs and tyre checks will help to keep drivers safe. And if you work in a cultural attraction, why not present a special offer via our tickets, such as a 3for2, BOGOF or a freebie upon presentation?

With 100+ of enviable sites across the UK and a friendly, professional service as standard, AdsOnTickets is a leading supplier of this time-tested and increasingly popular method of communication. Due to there being more vehicles on the road every year, we guarantee that large audiences will see your campaigns as soon as they land.

What’s more, unlike most other forms of marketing material, a car park ticket advert is willingly accepted by the individual, stored safely, and referred to at least once more thereafter. This means that your advert is a natural part of an essential commodity, therefore viewed without the irritation that sometimes results from unsolicited advertising. It also means that a second or perhaps multiple viewings can result in the recipient assimilating your messages more thoroughly over time.

So whatever type of campaign you want to promote, and whenever during the year will work best, our team of specialists is here to get it in front of countless eyes.

To get started, simply call our advertising experts on 01482 679608 or use our contact form. We’ll work out exactly which approach will suit your campaign and tailor a plan that works to your needs and budget. All you have to do after that is welcome new customers and watch your public engagement rise, which we’re sure you won’t mind adding to your to-do list.

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