Car park ticket advertising: Your questions answered

We get a lot of customers enquiring about the benefits and applications of car park ticket advertising, so here’s a handy resource for making the most of our highly effective solutions.

Easy to set up

Whether you send us print-ready artwork or take advantage of our in-house design team, the entire process is very straightforward and we’ll get your campaign in print without any stress.

High impact

Whilst billboards are massive, their messages are rarely digested by drivers because… well… because they’re busy driving. An advert on the back of a car park ticket is delivered to the individual at a time when they can fully take in its messages.

Long-term engagement

Most forms of advertising are fleeting, from flyers that are thrown away or ignored, to newspaper promotions that have to fight for attention amongst numerous others. A car park ticket serves a purpose in itself, thereby is willingly held onto by the driver. The advert benefits greatly from this prolonged retention, giving a much wider window for its messages to be assimilated.

Choose your locations

We have high-traffic sites all across the UK and you get to choose where your advert lands. Whether you’re looking for a blanket approach or a targeted geographical plan, we can cater to any requirement.

Provide an incentive

You can advertise any way you wish, but we recommend that you include a discount code, special offer, freebie or some other motivation for the recipient to visit your premises, website or social media channels. All it takes is a little money off a product or a complimentary drink with a meal to really get people’s attention.

Launch multiple campaigns simultaneously

If you have more than one message that needs delivering, you can do so in a single order. We can run up to six designs in one campaign and even target each of them to a specific UK location if desired. This is perfect for everything from A/B testing to communicating to different audiences in unique ways.

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