Car Park Ticket Adverts Remain Highly Effective

It seems like the popularity of marketing formats change practically every week. One minute Facebook is the king of social media, then Twitter and Instagram are speeding ahead and leaving it in their dust trails, then suddenly Facebook is great for advertising again due to high levels of demographic targeting. The same goes for flyers and posters – they’ve become so cheap to get printed and distributed that the market is flooded with them, which means that people are less likely to read yours due to information overload. And then we have promo videos, which are becoming shorter and shorter due to our attention spans now being equal to that of a goldfish. It’s tricky stuff to keep track of.

However, you’ll be pleased to hear that car park ticket advertising remains a highly effective means of getting your messages across to vehicle users across the UK. This comes as a surprise to some people due to it being an age-old format, but that’s precisely why it works. Car park ticket advertising has stood the test of time and continues to get amazing results due to a number of factors, which we’ve summarised below.


A welcome delivery

Most people hate inconvenience, such as being handed flyers, putting up with adverts disturbing their videos, and having to search for actual news on news websites. Car park ticket adverts are entirely different and very unique, as they’re part and parcel of the car park ticket itself. This is required in order to use the facility and has even been paid for by the driver, who then stores it away safely lest they lose it and have to pay all over again.

Your advert goes along for the ride and is usually seen more than once by the same person, helping to increase the likelihood of your messages being remembered.


Compact and simple

Some marketing content can take a very long time to create and cost a lot of money to design, and that’s before you’ve even had to fork out for its distribution. Worlds apart, our car park ticket adverts are small, straightforward and easy to design.

It really is a case of less is more, so the key is to create a short message and a clear call to action, then wrap it all up in an attractive design. And if you don’t have time to design it, we can do it for you. Sorted!


Customised distribution

Due to us having hundreds of bustling locations all around the UK, you get to choose exactly where your adverts land. Chances are we have a spot close to your business, or perhaps you sell a lot of products and services online and want to branch out into new markets – whatever the case, you can pick prime spots that will lead to the greatest return on investment.


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