Designing an Advert to Suit Your Target Audience

Our car park ticket advertising service is perfect for all types of businesses, from small shops to national restaurants, and from local authorities to mechanics, health organisations and cultural attractions. Every customer receives the same great price, attention to detail and expert advice, but what differs is the type of design that you should choose.


When it comes to artwork, it’s easy to assume that car park ticket adverts require less thought and focus compared to flyers, posters and web design. However, it’s crucial that these adverts reflect your style and convey your brand voice as accurately as the rest of your marketing activity.

Choosing the right design

A car park ticket is small yet can get across key messages just as easily (and in many cases even more effectively) than a billboard. This is because it’s not only happily received by the driver, but they also make sure to hold onto it in order to later leave the premises. With this in mind, your advert should be clear and impactful, drawing attention as soon as it’s been taken from the machine.

This doesn’t mean that it needs to be an exact copy of flyers and posters, especially when you take into account that less information can fit on it. Instead, start with your logo and use your brand colours, then come up with a unique message that has plenty of oomph!

Creating a clear message

People lead busy lives and are constantly bombarded by advertising. This has led to us developing our own natural ad blockers, making it much harder for messages to get the attention of our eyes, never mind our brains.

Alongside strong design, your advert should include a simple message that encourages the recipient to take action. This could be a case of directing them to your website or nearest branch, or getting creative with hashtags and other sales triggers that motivate people to join a conversation or take action.

They save money, you make money

Nothing gets people interested more quickly than special offers. If your business is able to provide a discount to people who bring in the ticket or quote a special code, chances are you’ll enjoy a quick rise in footfall and web traffic. Simply whip up a promotion that’s viable for your profit margins, simultaneously enticing enough to draw people in. All that’s left to do then is prepare to welcome lots of new customers.

We’re here to help

Don’t have a designer? Don’t worry, our in-house studio can create an eye-catching advert for you. Simply give us a call on 01482 679608 or use our contact formand let us know what you need. And remember, when it comes to car park ticket advertising, Shakespeare phrased it best: “Though she be but little, she is fierce!”

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