Drive New Sales in 2017 Through Targeted Ads

When thinking about targeted promotions, it’s understandable if social media and Google Ads spring to mind. Whilst these are an important part of any marketing strategy, another essential element is impactful printed campaigns.

The thing is, in a world where people have subconsciously trained their minds to ignore adverts as much as possible, how do you get through to a relevant audience? Often the approach taken is “go big or go home”, such as full-page ads and even billboards. However, whilst these are difficult to disregard and can have great results, they also come with large price tags and short shelf lives, from a couple of weeks to a single day. At AdsOnTickets, we offer an entirely different solution.

By placing your advertising campaign on the back of our car park tickets, you benefit from the opportunity to target bustling hotspots in specific cities. Simultaneously, you can choose between one and six campaigns running at the same time, which is great for delivering a range of messages and comparing the popularity of different designs. And then of course there’s the quantity: you get to choose exactly how many tickets are printed with your design, with the added peace of mind that all of them will land in a potential customer’s hand.

As for the artwork, you can either provide it ready to print, or take advantage of our expert in-house design studio. Whatever the case, the key is to make the message clear, eye-catching and actionable, with special offers, discount codes and other incentives working particularly well. By giving the recipient a reason to keep the ticket for reference and future use, you’ll find that your engagement metrics increase far more quickly than through most other advertising platforms.

Then of course there’s the inherent beauty of car park ticket adverts, in that your audience willingly accepts them. This is because their platform – the ticket itself – is required in order to use the facilities. What other type of promotional channel can boast such organic delivery and retention?


With hundreds of high quality locations available, the only hard part of using AdsOnTickets will be choosing where to land your campaigns. This is especially attractive if you have an online shop, as you can point people from anywhere in the UK to your website’s storefront. Alternatively, if you’re an independent business located in one or two cities, chances are we have car parks nearby where we can share your campaigns, leading more local people and tourists to visit you.


With so much flexibility mixed with consistent success, together we’ll make 2017 your biggest year of sales to date. To get started, contact the AdsOnTickets team today on 01482 679608 or use our contact form.


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