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Who doesn’t love a good offer? 10% off clothing – time to expand the wardrobe. BOGOF on toiletries – you won’t have to buy shampoo again for a while. Half price menu – time to treat a friend to lunch. Whatever it is that you sell, you can significantly increase your output by investing in highly effective promotional activity. And that’s where car park ticket advertising comes in.

The reason that car park ticket advertising has been around so long is that it works a treat. This is because your messages are delivered in a clear and tangible format, which is willingly received and carefully retained by the driver due to the platform itself being required to access a service. Rather than an ad that’s swamped by others in a magazine or a billboard message that’s difficult to digest whilst driving, a car park ticket is held onto by the driver and referred to again later on. This means that memory retention is much higher, and even more so if you add an attractive offer to the recipient.

The beauty of adding a special offer to your car park ticket advert is that you can include a special code or reference, which makes monitoring very easy. This in turn lets you see how effective the promotion has been, with statistics going even more in-depth if you run the campaign for a few months and across multiple sites. For instance, you may find that the offer is redeemed more in the North than it is in the South, or that May was especially busy compared to April and June. This then helps you to design future campaigns to achieve optimum efficiency in terms of both uptake and cost.

Some examples of popular promotions are Wookey Hole, a tourist attraction in Somerset, offering savings of up to £10 along with free parking, and Subway unleashing a trio of brilliant offers to drivers up and down the country. Nothing grabs attention more than the opportunity to save a bit of cash whilst enjoying a treat, so whether your business is in the retail, food and drink, hospitality, arts or service sectors, it’s time to present an offer that your audience can’t refuse.

At AdsOnTickets, we’re ready to help you create the perfect campaign and roll it out wherever you wish, from a single city to dozens of bustling hotspots up and down the UK. You can run anywhere between one and six designs, plus our expert design studio can provide artwork if desired. If you’re ready to engage new customers with unmissable offers, call 01482 679608 or use our contact form today!

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