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We have cark park ticket advertising locations across the UK, from bustling city centre hotspots to popular tourist attractions. Wherever you choose with AdsOnTickets, you can be sure that countless potential customers will see your promotion. If you own or work in a retail store, it’s time to direct more footfall through your doors with eye-catching advertising delivered in all the right places.

With car park ticket advertising, your promotions are only used wherever you decide suits them best. If you have one store, focus on the available area closest to it. If you have multiple branches, spread the campaign to key cities. Meanwhile, you can either apply the same artwork in different locations, or implement up to six designs at any given time. This means that if you have a discount or promotion specific to one store, want to use local lingo in each place, or simply fancy testing out a few visual approaches, we have the perfect solution.

Whilst some forms of print-based advertising are in decline due to numerous factors, such as plummeting newspaper circulation numbers and many shops not accepting posters and flyers, car park ticket advertising is actually on the rise. This is due to more people driving every year and many of them carpooling, which in turn means more organic viewers of your adverts. This is the beauty of car park ticket advertising, in that the audience is always targeted in terms of geography and engagement method.

Whilst a billboard can be seen (and ignored) by anyone and a video can be shared on social media with people who have no interest in its content, you always know where and when our car park tickets are going to be delivered. For instance, if you want people in a specific area of London to visit you during summer, we can ensure that your messages land in the right place at the right time.

As for the campaigns themselves, we can help you with artwork and messages. If you have a designer already, we’ll let you know if the supplied image will work well with this particular platform. If you don’t have a designer, our team of in-house specialists will whip up some ideas, working to your brief and input. Either way, the end result will be fine-tuned to guarantee an excellent return on investment.

So with thousands of UK drivers happily receiving our customers’ messages every day of the week and storing them for future reference, isn’t it about time you harnessed the power of car park ticket advertising? Give us a call on 01482 679608 or use our contact form and we’ll make your tills and checkouts busier than ever!

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