Energise the Workplace the Easy Way

Employee morale can have a huge influence on a company’s success. Reduced team spirit can lead to low productivity, diminished creativity and an altogether unpleasant office atmosphere. By boosting the confidence of your staff, you will be able to not only move forward as a company, but also increase your efficiency as a group.


Actively listening to what your employees have to say can go a long way to boost morale. Hearing concerns and feedback will help you quash office grumbles and move forward as a team. If your employees see you as approachable and proactive, their self-esteem and confidence will increase. Why not hold quick daily meetings, even or regular focus groups, to fire ideas and questions around the room?


Communication is a two-way-street and therefore it is just as vital that you are as transparent as possible about the company’s goals and future. Nothing quite diminishes the morale in an office than employees being left completely in the dark about the direction they’re moving in. Morale should be boosted naturally when a team knows and believes in what it is working so hard towards.

Stay positive

Taking a positive outlook as a team leader can quickly spread to your staff. Be sure to recognise their achievements, encourage them to realise their potential and praise them for even the smallest things. Positivity truly helps when improving workplace morale. Creatively showing that you care, either on the staff noticeboard or even via social media, will motivate employees to work just as hard on the next task. Meanwhile, ensure you approach any situation positively, even when things don’t quite go as planned.

Personal development

Remember that your staff are human and have projects and commitments outside of work. Be liberal and allow time off to concentrate on personal passions, or even just take a genuine interest in their development. Employees are less likely to be distracted by private pursuits if they have had enough time to concentrate on them outside the office. In the meantime, offer training to those who want to improve their professional skills.

Mix it up

It is very easy to get stuck in an office rut and a change in routine is usually welcomed with open arms. Switch up the daily schedule by working outside the office, rotate lunch schedules and even have casual Fridays! By keeping things fresh, a new shot of energy can easily be pumped into any office.

Have fun

Office life can get a bit serious so why not add a little excitement? It could be as simple as telling a joke, organising a staff bake-off, or taking a day off for an impromptu field trip. Regular doses of fun lighten the load of the day as well as upholding a relaxed, happy workplace atmosphere.


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