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When it comes to your advertising, you immediately think about core messages and eye-catching artwork that will lead to new customers and sales. This is understandable, and yet it’s often the more unconventional and creative promotions that get the best attention.

We’re sure you’ve seen a car park ticket before, and it was most likely one of ours due to us working with hundreds of locations across the UK. They may be small but they really pack a punch! In fact, it’s due to their compact nature that they really stand out, as all of the information can be digested immediately. Also, the very nature of car park tickets means that the recipient happily takes and retains it; if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be able to enter and exit the premises.

Whilst adverts for new stores, special offers, events and key services is great, have a think about recent adverts for other brands that really stood out to you. Chances are that they had something about them that was a bit different, which could be anything from beautiful design and clever wording, to a totally unique or humorous way of reeling you in.

But why should this approach be limited to TV, social media and billboards? If you want to try something different, here are some ideas that you could pop on our car park tickets anywhere in the UK:

  • Using multiple campaigns with different artwork, create a six-piece “jigsaw” that forms a larger advert when all of the tickets are put together.
  • Share top insight from your industry, such as advice for tax season if you’re an accountant or health tips from your gym.
  • Celebrate your team members by adding their company profile photo and a bio to your tickets. Whilst making staff feel valued, this also introduces customers to the faces behind your brand.
  • Drive online traffic by adding an air of mystery. For example, an Italian restaurant could buy the domain name everybodylovespasta.com and have it redirect to their actual website. Simply putting the web address and nothing else on the ticket would make it almost impossible to resist finding out what it’s all about.
  • If you have multiple locations, use the local dialect for each one to connect with their customer bases. One with “Ey up, duck” for Sheffield and another saying “Alreet, pet” for Newcastle is bound to raise a few smiles and create an immediate connection between you and the reader.

Ready to unleash your imagination and have some fun? Get in touch on 01482 679608 or use our contact form and share your best ideas with us!

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