FACT: Everyone Uses Car Parks

When deciding how to get the most out of your marketing budget, it’s often a case of assessing the return on investment. A Facebook advert could achieve plenty of reach, but will it convert into sales? Similarly, a billboard will be seen by thousands, yet how many will actually digest its messages?

The reason that car park ticket advertising remains so popular is down to its efficiency in terms of views and cost. Due to the recipient actually requiring the ticket to access and leave the car park, they gladly accept your advert in the process. Unlike a flyer being stuffed into your hand or an advert popping up at the start of a YouTube video, there’s no quarrel or qualm when it comes to our method of delivery.

This is combined with a low cost because we print the tickers ourselves and supply them in bulk to car parks across the UK. You simply decide how large a print run you want, choose your locations, then leave the rest to us. We can even design the advert for you if it makes it easier at your end, as our in-house design studio is always ready to create vibrant and eye-catching promotions that include a strong call to action.

We also offer the option of running up to six campaigns simultaneously. This is excellent for targeting different messages to specific towns and cities, plus it’s a great way to gauge the power of individual designs and wording. Many of our customers have used this approach to strengthen their promotions over the years, taking note of the constantly changing way in which people respond to advertising.

What’s more, as the title of this post points out, everyone uses car parks. No matter what type of demographic you’re looking to reach, you can rest assured that your adverts will be seen by CEOs, marketing directors, entrepreneurs, students, drivers, parents and young people alike. To further tweak the audience you’ll reach, all you need to do is take a look through our locations to see which audiences they’re more likely to host. For example, whilst a shopping centre car park will get lots of families, another based close to a business park is sure to welcome plenty of C-level visitors.

So what are you waiting for? Car park ticket advertising has been around for decades and remains massively successful. This proves that it’s a time-tested, cost-effective and powerful means of promoting your business, be it a shop, eatery, recruitment agency, local authority, health organisation, cultural attraction or based in any other sector.

Now is the time to call our friendly team of advertising experts on 01482 679608 or use our contact form. We’re here to discuss your goals and create a tailored strategy that will bring top results today, tomorrow and long-term.

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