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Nothing grabs people’s attention like a well-placed promotion, and car park ticket advertising is a brilliant way to communicate to target audiences.

Whether you’re new to our promotional platform or have used AdsOnTickets before, we’ve put together some reasons why this time-tested format continues to bring results effectively and affordably.

Target key audiences

Thanks to our huge portfolio of sites, you can choose exactly where your adverts land. A business with a single branch or small operational area can target a car park that’s close to them, encouraging locals to pay a visit. If you have a few branches, such as a restaurant or retailer located in numerous cities, you can roll out campaigns to these areas incredibly easily. Likewise, if you’re a large brand or a website that’s relevant to the entire UK, pick as many as you wish from the hundreds of towns and cities that we distribute to.

Test your campaigns

A great way to get the most from your adverts and develop your communications over time is to experiment with different artwork and messages. You’re bound to get attention and conversions regardless, but by using car park ticket advertising regularly and changing the look and feel of the ads, you can work out which type gets the best response. You can even do this in a single period by running up to six different ads simultaneously. This takes A/B testing to a whole new level without breaking the bank.

Treat your customers

Special offers and discounts are very popular when it comes to car park ticket advertising. This is because the viewer not only willingly receives the ad along with the ticket, but also retains it for future reference (no one wants to be stuck in a car park when they have things to do). It’s this receptiveness to your advert that leads to a higher chance of the call to action being followed. So whilst billboards are often forgotten and Facebook promotions ignored, car park ticket adverts are more likely to be seen, digested and followed up.

Track your sales

By creating a special landing page for your campaigns, adding a unique hashtag for social media engagement or providing a special offer code, you can monitor where your leads and customers are coming from. Many businesses find this very useful, as it helps to evaluate the success of each campaign and makes your sales reports a piece of cake. Plus it doesn’t have to take up much of the ad itself, simply make the call to action something that can be tracked in store and online at your end.

Ready to make your marketing work to your goals? Give us a call on 01482 679608 or use our contact form and one of our friendly team will help you create a tailored strategy that brings excellent results.


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