How is Your Company Recruiting?

All companies, large or small, need an effective recruitment structure in order to hire the best candidates and be a successful business. Should a vacancy arise, finding the perfect candidate can often prove a tricky task.

It’s important to know which methods can be utilised when recruiting for staff in order to maximise your success. Below are some handy resources that you can combine to seek out the best future employees.

Job boards

Most companies advertise their vacancies on their own company website but chances are, unless you’re the BBC or Apple, most job seekers won’t just stumble across your website on their quest for a new job. Job sites are a great way to advertise your vacancies as well as benefitting from brand exposure. Advertising online adverts are cost-effective when compared with recruitment agencies, as they cut out the middleman and candidates who apply go straight to your inbox.

Websites such as reed.co.uk, totaljobs.com and monster.co.uk are popular, multi-specialist job sites that advertise across a variety of industries. If you’re looking for something more industry-specific, some job sites hone in on a particular sector. A good example is simplylawjobs.com, which specialises in recruitment for the legal sector.


Social media

Recruiting via social media has become a modern phenomenon that was simply not an option as little as ten years ago. Maintaining your company’s social media presence on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can be hugely beneficial in terms of recruitment. When it comes to candidates, 59% use social media to research the companies that they are interested in. On top of this, a study shows that 48% of candidates used social media when searching for their most recent job.


Recruitment agencies

Professional recruitment agencies can provide your company with a thorough process for acquiring talent. The candidate vetting process is essentially offloaded to the recruitment agent, saving you time and energy. The downside is that hiring candidates through recruitment agents can be considerably more expensive than job boards; however, they are likely to increase your chances of finding the suitable candidate for your company’s highly skilled roles.


Internal recruiter

Talent acquisition can be a lengthy process and one that is vital for any successful business that wishes to keep staff retention high. If a number of vacancies arise in a short space of time, it can be overwhelming and detrimental to your company’s HR structure. If you haven’t already, why not hire an internal recruiter as someone who can dedicate their time to fulfilling your recruitment needs? A specialist with experience in the recruitment industry can deal with your urgent vacancies and attend careers fairs at universities, allowing you to get on with your job.


Employee referrals

This is a great way of streamlining your recruitment process and simultaneously rewarding your own employees. Encourage your existing staff to recommend suitable people they know to apply for vacancies at the company. An applicant who has a recommendation from one of your team in advance is likely to be qualified for the role, as they are being recommended by someone who knows your company inside and out. A small bonus or voucher is a great way to incentivise this process and reward the employee when their recommendation proves fruitful.

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