How to Collaborate Effectively

A far cry from how it used to be a couple of decades ago, modern business is most powerful and lucrative when it involves plenty of collaboration. In order to collaborate effectively, you need to tailor methods to suit your organisation, so we’ve popped some tips below to get you started.

Clarity for everyone

What is it that your business set out to achieve? Has its operational format changed over the years? Does anything require development due to diversification or expansion? By knowing exactly what the future should hold for your organisation, you can decide who comes on board to help make it happen.

Mutual trust

Whether the collaboration is between teams, across your company’s hierarchy or extends to other businesses, mutual trust is at the heart of its success. Sometimes we have to work with people we’ve never met before, or even worse, people we don’t particularly get along with. However, if these people are definitely right for the job, personal qualms need to be set aside so that everyone can work toward a share goal.

SWOT analysis

It’s always tempting to know your strengths and to therefore keep enjoyable responsibilities to yourself. Likewise, if you have areas of weakness, it can be very easy to steer clear of them and get someone else to do the hard work. If you continue to work this way, your own growth will be limited and there will rarely be fresh perspectives thrown into the mix, so run a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) and work out how everyone can get involved on a scale that is both flexible and practical.

Be open to offering and receiving help

Everyone has so much on their plate, including you. This may sometimes result in you not offering help where required, which is responded to with a lack of support in term when the time comes. A collaborative environment is all about being in it together whilst providing the tools for lifelong learning, self-development and ownership.

Treat others the way you want to be treated

A new starter will naturally show the CEO respect, in the same way that an assistant will be courteous to their line manager. This relationship shouldn’t be a one-way street though, as treating those who are lower down the career ladder in a rude or harsh manner isn’t only poor practice, it could also lead to them becoming disillusioned with the company and not giving 100%.


When all’s said and done, nothing aids collaboration and communication more than getting to know employees and colleagues outside the working environment. The form this takes is completely up to you, from team building exercises and insightful conventions, to coffee sessions, sports, bowling, cultural events, or simply enjoying a pint in the pub. You may be surprised just how much this helps people to open up and pitch ideas in the workplace from then on.

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