How to Look After Your Mental Health at Work

Any job can be stressful, and where stress is involved there’s a risk to your wellbeing. Being on top of your mental health is crucial to a healthy work-life balance and staying in control of your career, so we’ve popped together some easy tips that should be followed on a daily basis.

Organise and prioritise

Before you get cracking with the day’s tasks, it helps to get everything in order. You don’t need to spend a long time doing this, simply get everything straight in your head before you dive in. Whether it’s a list, post-it notes, a digital diary or a regular routine, knowing what needs to be done and when is half the battle.


Get comfy

An uncomfortable chair, a poorly laid out desk and not enough legroom can cause aches and pains. This isn’t just bad for your body, it can also have a negative impact on your focus, frame of mind and productivity levels. By adjusting any settings on your seat and desk whilst ensuring that everything else is within easy reach, you won’t have to worry about cramps or strains ruining your day.


Take breaks

Incorporating regular breaks into your working day is an excellent way of combatting stress. Even just getting away from your working space for a couple of minutes here and there gives you the opportunity to stretch your legs, give your eyes a rest from screens, rehydrate and perhaps get some fresh air. Longer breaks are even better, so make sure to take your full lunch hour and enjoy different surroundings for a bit.


Have a chat

Depending on your specific workplace, talking could be a major part of your job or something that you very rarely do. However, having a quick natter with a friend can do wonders for stress levels, plus a bit of socialising is a chance to have a laugh, remove a weight from your shoulders, share an update that doesn’t have to be an email, and generally get to know your colleagues better.


Don’t work late

Whilst putting extra hours in is admirable, frequently staying after the end of your working day can cause fatigue and, in many cases, disillusionment with the job in question. If it’s often the case that you don’t have time to get your week’s work done, it’s probably best to have a chat with your line manager to see if any duties can be shared or delegated.


Relax during your commute

Travelling to and from work is when you should be increasing your alertness and unwinding, respectively. If you drive, listen to your favourite music station to get you in a good mood. If you cycle or walk, appreciate your surroundings and make the most of the exercise. If you take the bus or train, listening to a podcast, reading a book or doing a puzzle could mean the difference between arriving at your destination feeling flat or bright-eyed. This time belongs to you, so how you spend it is entirely your decision.


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