If you discount it, they will come

Is there anything better than a special offer? Whether it’s a few quid off, an opportunity to get 3 for 2 or even BOGOF, a useful freebie or a VIP experience for the normal price, people love getting more than they pay for. That’s why promotional codes and car park ticket advertising go together so well, as drivers readily accept the medium, to then be reeled in by its promises of savings and unexpected extras.

You can deliver the special offer however you wish, from barcodes and QR codes that need scanning at the till, to alpha-numeric sequences or keywords that can be quoted online or over the phone, to the good old-fashioned method of simply handing over the ticket in exchange for a reward. A car park ticket is perfectly designed for this kind of customer engagement, as it’s extremely lightweight, compact and portable, not to mention willingly accepted by the driver, as the ticket itself is required in order to use and later leave the premises. Add to this an eye-catching design, hundreds of bustling locations, the ability to launch up to six different campaigns simultaneously, and decades of experience within the team at AdsOnTickets, and you have yourself a highly affordable, impactful and effective advertising platform.

You could choose to deliver the same special offer to dozens of sites across the UK, target a few strategic locations with unique incentives, or put all of your focus on a single hotspot where you want to see a significant return on investment. As for the artwork, you can either supply it yourself or take advantage of our highly experienced in-house design team, who can whip up the perfect visual after listening to exactly what it is that you want to achieve.

Car park ticket advertising is also ideal for special offers because the recipient is given the ticket at exactly the right time. Unlike flyers that are often discarded, radio adverts that are forgotten and billboards in places that don’t offer enough time to digest the information, a car park ticket advert is placed into the driver’s hand, retained for future use, and most likely viewed a few times in-between. Likewise, due to the sheer volume of tickets, huge numbers of drivers will see the advert daily, with many accessing it multiple times over the course of a few weeks. This adds to both the influence and the longevity of your advert, disseminating key messages more powerfully and greatly increasing the chances of a special offer being redeemed.

If you’re not sure precisely where to launch your campaign or what format it should take, we’re always here to help and advise. Get in touch on 01482 679608 or use our contact form and we’ll drive new customers to your business. How’s that for an offer you can’t refuse?




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