Is Your Marketing Budget Doing Its Job?

When it comes to marketing a business, there are so many options for getting your messages and promotions out to the masses. From billboards and radio ads, to PR campaigns and sponsored social media posts, companies are spoilt for choice. However, it really is a case of quality over quantity, as you’d be surprised how much money you can spend on certain types of marketing without getting much of a return on investment.

Take advertorial as an example: you pay the newspaper of magazine for a guaranteed feature written either by you or a journalist who has been given specific guidance and notes. It goes into the publication and raises a nice bit of awareness, especially if it’s also available as an online feature, but it only takes a few days for it to disappear and people to forget what it said. Despite having paid a lot of money for this coverage, the return is small and short-lived.


Then you have advertising platforms such as bus stop posters, which do get a lot of views but come with a very hefty price tag. The same goes for billboards, which are seen by potentially tens of thousands of people, yet very rarely at a time when the viewer can immediately follow a call to action such as visit a website. In fact, if you think about how many outdoor ads you must have passed on your way to work and back, then try to remember what they were actually advertising, chances are you can only recall a tiny ratio.


Then we have good old car park ticket advertising, which becomes even more popular with every year that passes. With more drivers on the roads than ever before and car parks getting larger and busier, we have huge audiences ready for you to access. All you have to do is send us your artwork (or hire our creative studio to design it for you), decide the quantity of ads to be printed and which of our hundreds of sites will work best for you, and that’s that! We do everything else, including the printing and distribution, which means that your promotions always land in the right places.


Due to the nature of car park ticket ads, they’re always gladly accepted by the recipient because they’re part and parcel of the ticket itself. What’s more, people then put them somewhere safe, which means that they’re very likely to digest your messages and see them a second time. That’s why our promotional platform remains so powerful, as your audiences treat it with a calmness and respect that simply doesn’t apply to formats that are considered intrusive.


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