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Are you satisfied with your job? If not, would you rather have one that directly helps others? These are questions that an increasing number of us should ask ourselves. Too many people go to work unhappy and wanting more from their current role due to numerous reasons. In 2016, the Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CIPD) estimated that almost 1 in every 4 people are unhappy in their current job. Furthermore, around 36% of people considered themselves in the wrong position to fulfil their career ambitions.

Money, location, management, training and facilities are all factors people consider when choosing a new career path. However, we also often look for work that directly helps others. Supporting people, in whatever capacity, provides a worker with a great deal of satisfaction. Let’s take a look at a few industries that do just that.


Working in healthcare encompasses a variety of different jobs that have varying qualifications. Becoming a healthcare assistant, for instance, is a great way to help patients in hospitals and care homes on a more basic level.

However, it doesn’t have to be a hands-on job, as you could instead choose a role that covers the marketing, finances or office administration that are just as essential to the smooth running of the organisation.


When we go to work we want to believe that we are making a difference. Studies have often shown that people striving towards a sense of progress are often happier and more productive. Inspiring children gives you an opportunity to see your students learn and grow as a result of your direct efforts.

Once again, there are a variety of different jobs within the education sector, meaning that you don’t necessarily need to get a degree. If you want a rewarding job that will impact the next generation, working in education might be just the ticket.


In the UK there are now more than 180,000 charitable organisations that employ around 800,000 staff in total, which illustrates the amount of positions on offer within this sector.

Like any business, roles can cover sales, finance, human resources or business development. Whatever your involvement, working for a charity means that you can directly influence positive change on a wider scale.

Emergency services

Could you see yourself as a police officer? How about a firefighter? Or maybe a paramedic? Working in emergency services carries the responsibility of protecting the public and helping those in immediate need. With this great responsibility also comes an enormous sense of reward, as your daily efforts impact your community for the better.

Many of these jobs allow you to be active all day and carry a clear sense of purpose, which many lack in their current jobs. A paramedic will typically earn between £22,000 and £35,000 a year, and despite the obvious pressure that comes with the job, you would literally be saving lives each day.

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