Keeping Drivers Safe and in Control on the Roads

Our customers are based in every sector, from retail and dining, to specialist services, tourism hotspots and charities. Whilst car park ticket advertising is the perfect way to get messages out to people quickly and effectively, we often come across campaigns that are highly targeted to drivers specifically. Below are a few examples of how our versatile and affordable promotional platform can prove highly useful to certain types of businesses and organisations.


Some people assume that the most effective time to reach drivers with advertising messages is when they’re driving, such as through a billboard or radio ad. However, they seem to forget that adverts are the last thing that a person should be focusing on whilst in control of a vehicle.

With our car park ticket promotions being delivered directly to drivers as they enter a car park, there’s no better opportunity for a mechanic to advertise their services. Whilst being a fast and welcome method of delivery, it’s also when the recipient is about to park up and store their ticket, meaning that adverts for MOTs, tyre checks and engine diagnostics are likely to be seen and digested right there and then.


There are countless products available that make a driver’s journey smoother and more enjoyable, from state-of-the-art satnavs and security equipment, to luxury seat cushions and handy DVD players to keep the kids entertained.

Whether you’re a national retailer with branches across the UK or a small, independent online store, car park ticket advertising enables you to catch drivers in their element.

Local authorities

A town council can get messages out to key locations by using our cost-effective advertising platform. Upcoming road closures, lengthy highway maintenance and the opening of new routes are important developments that drivers want to know about.

On top of this, a local authority could spread the word of other services, such as information regarding gritting during the winter months, how to report a broken street light, damaged street furniture or missing manhole cover, and even the opening of new car parks in the city.


Keeping drivers, cyclists and pedestrians safe is a large role of every regional police force, so using car park ticket advertising is a logical and savvy way to get key messages out to the masses.

Examples are wide-ranging, from general road safety and ways to keep your car secure, to reminding people of laws that are often forgotten or ignored, such as not using a handheld phone whilst driving and always remembering to wear a seatbelt.

Health organisations

Many people love driving, yet it can often take a strain on our physical and mental wellbeing. Over the years there have been a fair few health-related campaigns that focus on driving, from staying hydrated and taking a rest when tired, to keeping children protected from the sun and not leaving dogs in a vehicle unattended during summer.

If your health organisation would like to target messages to motorists in particular, we have the perfect solution.

Whatever you want to promote to the public, give us a call on 01482 679608 or use our contact formand together we’ll create a campaign that gets top results.

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