Keeping fit and healthy at the workplace

Many employees think that the workplace is a difficult environment to squeeze in some fitness, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, you can easily include a small health routine as part of your working day, all while getting the job done more efficiently than ever. Here’s how to achieve it…

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Work standing up

Humans aren’t designed for long periods of sitting, which is why our bodies begin to ache and develop cramps whilst our brains rebel by becoming sluggish and irritable. Many people are now adopting the vertical working position, whereby they rearrange their workstation to accommodate a standing worker. If this isn’t possible, you could instead take part in small exercises at your desk, such as gently arching your shoulders, stretching your legs, squeezing a hand grip, and so on.

Take a packed lunch

This is a great way to ensure that you’re eating a balanced midday meal. Make sure to include favourite health foods that will fill you up and provide an energy boost. A packed lunch not only provides nutrition, it also saves money, helps to limit your portions, and can include a sweet treat as an afternoon pick-me-up.

Cycle to Work schemes

Keeping fit significantly benefits workplace productivity as well as your individual health. A Cycle to Work scheme acts as a tax-free staff perk as much as it does a means of enabling a healthier lifestyle. Find out more at Cyclescheme.co.uk.

Hydrate regularly

Keep a large bottle of fresh water on your desk and regularly sip to stay hydrated. Water is essential to maintaining concentration, focus, perseverance, a positive mood and an active mind, so it will also help you to complete your duties in record time.

Take breaks

Even if you’re standing at your desk, you still need to take a break for a few minutes every hour. Use it as an opportunity to grab a coffee, walk around, visit the loo, tidy your workspace or catch up with coworkers, as this will also allow your eyes and brain to take a quick breather.

Keep your surroundings tidy

If you work in an area filled with clutter and mess, your mindset will suffer. Have a good old tidy, recycle unneeded paperwork, clean all surfaces with antibacterial wipes, open the windows for some fresh air, store everything away safely, and perhaps even make the place a little more feng shui by removing unnecessary objects, cables and furniture.

Support a worthy cause

Fundraising is a great way to have a laugh, come together as a team, fulfil some excellent CSR activity, and maybe even achieve positive press coverage. On top of that, it elevates your mood because you know you’re doing something selfless to help those in need. If you really want to maximise the value of your charity activity, raise money by doing something physical, such as a sponsored walk, fun run or marathon.

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