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Car park ticket advertising is used by all kinds of businesses to spread the word, promote services and sell products. From national attractions, to health organisations, to the motor trade, we deliver clients’ messages to wide audiences right there in their own vehicles. But if there’s one sector that utilises this promotional channel more than others, it must surely be the food and drink industry.


It’s an undeniable fact that there are always people in search of a good meal. Whether they view your advert when they’re hungry or remember it when their belly begins to grumble, your independent restaurant, national fast food chain or high street eatery will be fresh in their mind. Our tickets can provide any details you wish, such as signature dishes, locations, website addresses and social media icons, and what really gets people’s attention is a special offer.

Whilst the advert itself solidifies your brand in the viewer’s memory, the inclusion of discounts, multi-buy deals and other offers gives them a reason to choose your business over the competition. Due to the nature of car park ticket advertising, we recommend you add a period of validity from the date of the ticket issue, leaving the public plenty of time to redeem but still providing a level of urgency. By applying this strong call to action, you’ll find that more people follow up on your advertising as they have a reason to visit and within a set timeframe.

Many drivers leave car park tickets in their vehicle or pop them in their wallet, only to find them a few weeks later when they’re feeling peckish. By advertising in car parks that they frequently use, you can turn them into regular visitors of your own. Whilst billboards and magazine adverts are great, they’re easy to miss, easy to block out and easy to forget. Car park ticket advertising is right there in the driver’s hand, is clear whilst unobtrusive, and remains with them far longer than any flyer or radio jingle.

AdsOnTickets hosts strategically placed sites across the UK, each of which is used by local residents, tourists and commuters on a daily basis. You have the choice of targeting a specific city, running a single campaign in numerous areas, or rolling out multiple designs simultaneously as a means of testing the effectiveness of different approaches. Flexibility is key, helping you to optimise the impact every time. It’s a highly effective and affordable method of promotion, so isn’t it time you made the most of it?

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