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Every company can benefit from car park ticket advertising, but some more than others. Examples are restaurants and tourist attractions due to their suitability for long-term special offers, and the motor trade for obvious reasons. Another sector that is particularly suitable to this highly effective form of marketing is opticians. Bear with us and everything will become clear.


Whilst people will visit a doctor when they’re under the weather or a dentist when they have toothache, a trip to the optician doesn’t tend to be top priority. This is because eyesight problems usually develop very slowly, thereby removing the urgency and allowing months or even years to pass before the individual takes action. Even though one of the UK’s leading opticians has a very catchy slogan, and despite good eyesight being crucial to safe driving, many of us still delay booking an appointment.

 Accidents can and do take place due to blurred vision, tired eye muscles and the inability to focus at certain distances. Driving requires precise visual assessment of surroundings near and far, so drivers need reminding to book regular eye exams; the problem is getting the message across at a time that will have an impact. Road safety videos and newspaper articles are, of course, designed for engagement outside of drive time, whereas billboards can’t be concentrated on for too long whilst behind the wheel. Though audiences will be informed by such methods of communication, they need to be reached somewhere in-between: within a car environment yet not in charge of the vehicle. The solution is car park ticket advertising.

By advertising your optical practice on car park tickets, you’ll have access to thousands of drivers when they are stationary. This is the ideal time to promote your brand, services, special offers and website by educating in the importance of maintaining keen eyesight. It doesn’t need to use scare tactics and can in fact take a subtle approach if you wish; what’s important is that the driver is reminded of your key messages at a related time when they can digest them. Even better, provide a call to action, such as a phone number or online booking form. By doing so, you’ll convert readers into customers immediately and far more effectively than when they’re disconnected from the subject matter.

With numerous sites strategically located across the UK, AdsOnTickets can help you to access drivers everywhere. If your business is a national chain, you could rollout a large campaign. If it’s an independent trader with only one store or a small handful, we can offer you sites in nearby locations. You can also choose to run multiple campaigns simultaneously, which enables in-depth targeting, voucher code tracking and the ability to gauge the attention levels achieved by different designs.

 We’re here to help and always happy to answer questions. Give AdsOnTickets a call on 01482 679608 or use our contact form and together we’ll guide countless eyes to your brand.

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