More Drivers Means a Larger Audience

You don’t need to work in the motoring trade to know that there are more cars on the road every year. In fact, between 2011 and 2016, the number of licensed vehicles in the UK increased by over 1.8 million.

More people driving means an increased audience for car park ticket adverts, making AdsOnTickets a savvy choice when it comes to organising your next marketing strategy. With various options to choose from, we help you to create campaigns that work to your individual needs and bring an excellent return on investment.

Car park ticket advertising has been around for a while and may even be considered old school. However, this is testament to its effectiveness, with countless AdsOnTickets customers across Britain benefitting from our services and returning year after year.

The reasons for this mutual success are wide-ranging. First of all, the platform itself isn’t intrusive like other promotional methods, such as a flyer thrust into a hand or an advert at the beginning of a video. Moreover, the ticket itself is required by the driver in order to access and exit the premises, which means that the advert is also happily accepted into their possession.

Then there’s the ability to run up to six campaigns at the same time. This is great if you want to deliver different messages to specific cities or regions, such as a new branch opening in the north and a BOGOF offer in the south. Simultaneously, multiple coexisting campaigns present the opportunity to test numerous messages and artwork to see which is the most compelling. Forget A/B testing – we’re giving you the chance to try out some A/B/C/D/E/F testing!

If you’re not sure what type of artwork will work best or don’t have a designer on your books, AdsOnTickets have the solution. Our in-house design specialists know exactly how to make your brand really pop. Whether it’s a case of working to a detailed brief or brief details, we’ll whip up exactly what you need to engage active audiences.

We have hundreds of prime locations all across the UK, making it easier than ever to roll out a national campaign or focus on target areas. This makes our car park ticket advertising options perfect for everyone, from independent businesses with a single branch, to local authorities, health organisations and online retailers. Whatever you need to share, we can help you do it effectively and affordably.

Also, whilst a print-based marketing platform, car park ticket advertising is great for driving digital traffic as well as through-the-door footfall. Many of our customers share websites, hashtags and online offers with drivers, resulting in increased brand awareness and interaction across every element of their operations.

Get in touch with AdsOnTickets to find out how an everyday car park ticket can lead to stronger profit margins and long-term customer loyalty. Call today on 01482 679608 or use our contact form.

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