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2016 is set to be a big year for content marketing (good job we update this blog regularly). The web has become a main focus for countless businesses, yet digital promotions still work best when combined with marketing activity in the physical world. For example, an awareness video will benefit from PR coverage that directs people to its YouTube channel, and a special offer on a website will receive more redemptions if targeted flyering is used to spread the word.


The same applies to car park ticket advertising. We highly recommend increasing your content marketing in 2016, but it needs to be done cleverly and effectively, bringing a healthy ROI without breaking the bank in the short term. Our affordable advertising solutions are used by companies, organisations and tourist attractions across the UK to drive traffic to specific landing pages, often in unison with a promo code that can be tracked using your content management system. Meanwhile, if you roll out a campaign to specific advertising sites across the UK, you can then use a metrics system such as Google Analytics to match online traffic spikes to corresponding activity on the ground.

Car park ticket advertising can of course be applied to anything, not just special offers. You could talk about the opening of a new branch, promote a social awareness message, or really maximise digital engagement by pointing people to hashtags, social media accounts and mobile apps. Alternatively, you could use it to sell fried chicken, shoes, MOTs or anything else that’s relevant to your business, it really is that flexible.

The added beauty of car park tickets is that drivers hold onto them, otherwise they could have trouble leaving the premises. Even afterwards many people retain their ticket for financial records or reimbursement from an employer, resulting in its message being seen multiple times over a far longer period than other promotional platforms. You can provide the artwork yourself or employ our expert in-house design team, plus the campaign can focus on one or more target cities, be rolled out across numerous sites, or even be split into 2-6 different visuals as a means of disseminating a range of messages simultaneously.

We’re here to make everything easy for you, so get in touch on 01482 679608 or use our contact form and together we can find the best solution for your business. Once your campaign has landed, you might as well write a blog about it – two birds, one stone. Also, if you’d like us to tweet details of your campaign to our followers, just give us a shout at @AdsOnTickets.

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