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There are countless forms of advertising available these days, with practically everything capable of being branded. Whilst traditional methods the likes of flyers and posters are still popular, companies can also choose anything from fortune cookies to boxer shorts as a promotional tool, yet very few offer a truly effective means of conveying a message directly to a relevant audience.

Just the ticket

Whilst a leaflet may be thrown away, a billboard can easily be forgotten seconds after driving past; similarly, adverts in papers and magazines have to compete against dozens of others, and social media is handy but surrounded by noise. What you need is a marketing tool that’s compact, visual, affordable and, most importantly, integrated with something that people need to keep, at least on a short-term basis. The solution is car park ticket advertising.

By adding your branding and message to batches of car park tickets, you’re placing them directly into the hands, wallets and vehicles of thousands of drivers. Due to many people parking in order to then do some shopping, the majority of retailers, eateries, sports facilities and visitor attractions create special promotions for these tickets as a means of driving immediate footfall whilst tracking sales origins. This can prove very successful, with drivers heading straight to shops and restaurants to grab a bargain there and then. However, the way in which you use the advertising space is up to you, adding to its wide adaptability and suitability to all requirements.

Whether you’re a national chain or a small independent business, car park ticket advertising is totally flexible and perfect for every type of campaign and promotion. If special offers don’t suit your style, you can instead share directions, opening hours, your Twitter page, a hashtag, or anything else you believe will have an impact on engagement. We recommend also using this platform for big announcements, such as the launch of a product line, a revamped website, or the date that you’re moving into new premises.

In addition, we offer a range of campaign lengths, allowing you to make car park ticket advertising work to your marketing plan. With the option to run up to six adverts at once, you can even try out different approaches and designs simultaneously as a means of ascertaining the most powerful way of capturing the attention of your audience. Whatever you want to achieve in terms of strategy, awareness and sales, just let us know and we’ll make it happen.

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