Prepare Your Advertising for the Autumn Months

We hate to say it, but the long summer days filled with sunshine and rounded off with a barbecue in the garden are coming to a close. But there’s no need to don’t worry, as autumn is an equally enjoyable time of year, perfect for crisp walks through orange leaves and hot chocolate in front of the telly. This time of year is also ideal for a new focus for your marketing strategy, so we’ve popped together a few suggestions for how to use our car park ticket advertising solutions to maximum effect.


Whether you specialise in clothing, food, housewares, fitness products or practically anything else, what you sell in autumn can differ greatly from your summer range. Whilst T-shirts and sunglasses are replaced by cosy knits and gloves, strawberries and cream make way for country vegetables and spicy curries. Whatever the case, advertise your new season and drive visitors to your business in person and online.


From McDonald’s and other high street chains to independent bistros and small coffee shops, autumn sees menus change in many ways. To engage regular visitors and lapsed customers alike, make your audience hungry for your refreshed offering. It’s also a great opportunity to roll out a new special offer, such as a money-off coupon or multibuy code.


Alongside the autumn weather come chill winds, wet roads and reduced daylight hours. If you check, fix and maintain vehicles, now’s the time to promote MOTs, tyre checks and oil changes, not to mention replacement products such as windscreen wipers, bulbs, antifreeze and so on. You’ll also be helping to keep Britain’s roads safe.

Local authorities, emergency services and the NHS

There are multiple useful messages that can be shared by councils, territorial police forces, fire and rescue services, GP surgeries and NHS bodies around this time of year. A few that leap to mind are recommendations for keeping children safe on Halloween, fire prevention and pet advice for Bonfire Night, home safety tips for dark nights, and keeping fit and healthy during less clement weather.

With hundreds of bustling car park ticket advertising locations across the UK, we’re here to help you make the most of autumn. Whether you have artwork ready and waiting or would like to take advantage of our in-house design studio, get in touch with AdsOnTickets on 01482 679608 or use our contact form. With so many people behind a wheel and car park tickets a necessity for safe and secure parking, our promotional platform is more effective than ever before!


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