Productivity starts with morale

Every company knows that high productivity levels lead to improved profit margins. However, it’s not a case of telling your staff to be more productive or even explaining why it’s so important; you need to make them want to excel at their roles for a variety of reasons.


The old saying that a happy worker is a productive worker holds a lot of sway, as employees that enjoy their jobs are likely to deliver more than those who don’t. Having said that, some workers may be happy achieving the bare minimum due to complacency or lack of motivation, which is why you need to introduce additional elements to the equation. Part of their job satisfaction should be based on opportunities to share opinions, rewards for ideas that make or save the company money, and a personal development programme that has clear milestones and goals.

And then of course we have staff morale: the confidence, enthusiasm and can-do attitude shared by the company as a whole. Whilst morale is greatly affected by the above factors, there are countless small actions that can be put in place on a regular basis, making employees feel valued on an individual level and as part of an effective team. Below are some examples, and we’d love for you to share your own with us on Twitter by tagging @AdsOnTickets.

Play some tunes

Many working environments can be improved by having the radio on in the background. Obviously it can’t be too loud as this may distract some employees or disrupt phone calls, but a little light music from a station or playlist that everyone likes can go a long way to lift the mood.

Get together more often

Most companies have Christmas parties, yet even these can seem a little strained when there are several staff who barely know each other. By organising regular events, such as bacon sandwiches in the staff room or a few drinks on an evening, you’ll find that your teams start to mingle, which encourages interdepartmental communications long-term.

Cycle to Work schemes

Keeping fit significantly benefits workplace productivity. Whilst we wouldn’t recommend making all of your employees do morning squats, a Cycle to Work scheme acts as a tax-free staff perk as much as it does a means of enabling a healthier lifestyle. Find out more at Cyclescheme.co.uk.

Cakes and T-shirts

Who doesn’t enjoy dressing down for a day whilst giving in to their sweet tooth? Casual Fridays are a great way to add a more relaxed feel to the end of the week, which can actually increase productivity. You could pay for the buns yourself, set up a kitty that everyone contributes to, or even have a weekly bake off. It’s a fun way to make the most of that Friday feeling, channelling it in a positive direction to prevent an end-of-the-week fizzle-out.

Industry trips

Organise short outings that you can take part in as a team that double as an educational experience. If you order a lot of printed materials, see if the printer will give you a tour around their premises. If one of your largest clients is a farmer, ask if you can see how the world of agriculture works. This will give your staff insight into where they fit in the wider system and how their own roles are important cogs in the machine.

Support a worthy cause

Encouraging teams to raise money for charity gives them something worthwhile to focus on outside of their daily duties. It’s also an excellent opportunity to get some PR for your company and the chosen beneficiary. Try combining fundraising with some of the suggestions above, such as sponsored cycling quotas or donating £1 in return for wearing casual clothes on Fridays.

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