Promote Health and Wellbeing Services Through Car Park Ticket Advertising

Car park ticket advertising remains an excellent way to raise awareness of key offerings and get more people involved, making it an ideal platform for health services, opticians, dentists and care homes. If you have an organisation or business that needs promoting, we’re here to provide a smooth, tailored and highly effective solution.

First of all, we offer a huge range of strategically chosen locations for rolling out your campaigns. From popular towns to energetic cities and council-owned car parks to shopping centres, you’ll be spoilt for choice when you see our selection. Secondly, you get to decide the quantity of tickets printed, how many designs are used at the same time (between one and six), and whether or not they should include a discount code or other promotion. By customising your campaigns to such an extent, we guarantee that you’ll receive a strong return on investment.

Whilst many of our customers are retail stores, eateries and tourist attractions, we also work with numerous health and wellbeing organisations to get more people using valuable services. From communicating social good messages, such as helpful statistics and actionable advice, to directing people to the right places, car park ticket advertising will engage an audience of thousands. Examples of campaigns range from informing people to use minor injuries units instead of going straight to A&E, encouraging men to talk about mental health more openly, or even sharing a BOGOF code for teeth whitening. Whatever you need to share with the world, car park ticket advertising is the answer.

Due to drivers requiring tickets in order to use the car park and exit without a fuss, they are happily accepted every time. Between the point of acquisition and it being required to leave the premises, a ticket is usually seen multiple times. In many cases, the ticket is retained as a receipt or simply left in the car, further increasing the likelihood of your advert being viewed on more than one occasion by the same person. Through soft and natural repetition, your messages are far more likely to be digested, especially when compared to more aggressive or in-your-face approaches.

And of course, if you need help with visual ideas and messages, or even a creative team of designers to create the campaign for you, we’re ready to put our years of expertise to good use.

Ready to find out more? Get in touch on 01482 679608 or use our contact form and together we’ll roll out your health and wellbeing services to a local audience.



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