Raise Staff Morale by Helping Others Together

Everyone knows that a workforce is at its most productive when everyone is happy in their roles. Whilst clear job descriptions, a vibrant environment, an open door policy and career development opportunities go a long way, there’s often something missing that would make all the difference.

The factor in question is a programme of activities that benefits the community and a range of worthy causes. Even a company that’s strong in every other respect can have high staff turnaround if it doesn’t put any focus into corporate social responsibility and events that benefit those in need. The great news is, they’re really easy to implement and great fun too. Below are some ideas to get you started.

Have a bake sale

Who doesn’t love a slice of cake or a cheeky bun with their cuppa? Invite everyone to bake some treats at home, or if they’re more likely to burn down the kitchen they can buy some from the shop. Pop them in the kitchen along with a donation tin, with every penny going to a charity of your choice. Yum!

Keep fit and raise money

From fun runs to marathons, Tough Mudder to sponsored bike rides, there are so many ways to get some exercise as a company. By getting friends, family and customers to sponsor individuals or the team as a whole, you can raise surprisingly large amounts of money for worthy causes.

Chat to an elderly person

You can do this at the bus stop or whilst in a queue at the supermarket, but if you want to get your staff involved there’s a handy service available through Age UK. The charity’s Telephone Befriending scheme invites you to sign up, be matched with someone over 60, and then chat to them for thirty minutes each week. Age UK connects you to them at a time that suits your diary, so you don’t have to worry about giving your phone number to anyone but the charity. This is a great way to prevent old people from feeling isolated and could be done as a team at the same time each week.

Get your fingers green

There are so many benefits to growing fruit, veg, herbs and flowers. Whilst many people do this at home, it’s also a great idea to add some gardening to the office schedule. Depending on the size of your business and premises, it could be anything from a herb garden or chilli plants on the windowsill, to a company allotment taking over the rooftop. Either way, it’s great for the mind and soul, plus it helps to reduce food waste because nobody says no to a homegrown tomato!

Organise a litter-picking event

This is a great way to clean up the area around your business or a chosen area, simultaneously encouraging your team to get a bit of fresh air and help the entire community. Just make sure to organise it properly and maintain high levels of safety. Tips and resources can be found on the Litter Action website.

Whatever you decide to do, by helping others and raising money for charity, you’ll soon become the company that everybody wants to work for both now and long-term.

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