Show Your Workplace Some Love on Valentine’s Day

The 14thof February is celebrated by couples around the world, but what about the workplace? We’ve come up with a few ways to treat your commercial space to some well-deserved TLC.

Have a clean-up

Start by getting rid of large unwanted items such as cardboard boxes, packaging and superfluous furniture. Next, move onto paperwork and shred anything you no longer need. Finally, go through all of the cupboards and drawers, throwing away or giving to charity anything that you simply don’t require. Once all of this waste has been removed from the premises, you’ll probably be amazed by how much additional space you suddenly have, so make sure to use it wisely.

Check for safety hazards

The majority of workplace accidents are a result of situations that can be easily rectified. Trailing cables, electrical equipment too close to the edge of a surface, items dropped on the floor and boxes obstructing emergency routes are not only unsightly, they can also contravene health and safety regulations. By fixing the problems and telling your staff why it needs to stay that way, your workplace will remain safe and tidy at all times.


Rearrange the furniture

Many workplaces gain new furnishings and storage units as time goes by, resulting in higgledy-piggledy arrangements that are far from logical. Take a look at how staff move through the workplace and decide if everything is as it should be. If you find that people have to make a detour around a filing cabinet or the paper recycling bins are nowhere near the printer, make a few changes so that the natural flow of people through each area is simple and effective.

Replace old items

It’s amazing the difference that can be achieved by purchasing a few new items here and there. If the crockery in the kitchen is old and tired, the office chairs have become uncomfortable and the laminator is on its last legs, investing in replacements will ensure efficiency whilst keeping your staff happy.

Add a little greenery

The odd potted plant here and there will inject welcome colour and life into any workplace. On top of this, the clean air can help to invigorate and inspire staff, leading to a further increase in productivity.

Celebrate your workplace

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