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Whilst the majority of our customers use car park ticket advertising to sell products, many come to us with a very different need. Whether it’s an NHS body, local authority or a charity, an important part of their remit is to spread awareness of a cause, health topic or public service. Examples range from smoking cessation, home security and free IT courses, to recycling information, fundraising drives and fire safety. Whilst varied and often nothing alike, all of these messages have social good at their core.


There are many excellent methods of disseminating a message, but rarely do they benefit from both high impact and effective longevity. In fact, sometimes a billboard, whilst huge, will get very little attention due to an oversaturation of advertising in the area, whereas a video that’s meant to have a long-term reach is forgotten about after its first few days.

Car park ticket advertising is one of the few promotional approaches that gets your message across successfully and sticks there for some time. This is achieved through the advert being placed on an item that has a very different purpose, i.e. the ticket. Whilst a flyer is simply a flyer and can therefore be thrown away with ease, a car park ticket is kept safe by the driver because they need it to leave the premises. This results in your promotion being seen more times than if you were using other formats, and it is also retained for longer because the bearer will usually keep it in their car afterwards or even save it as a receipt. Whilst a newspaper is chucked by its reader and a radio advert slips out of the listener’s memory, a car park ticket advert remains in their possession for far longer.

However, this style of marketing wouldn’t work well if locations were limited. That’s why AdsOnTickets presents an enormous portfolio of sites across the UK, including many urban hotspots and busy shopping centres. With over 250 areas to choose from, including Leeds and multiples sites in the London area, you have the option to roll out a single campaign nationwide, focus on key cities, or even use different designs in each place as a means of tailoring messages to specific demographics. For example, if a new surgery is opening in Chichester, this particular message can be reserved solely for drivers in that area. Or if a charity is looking for volunteers across a certain region, it can choose as many sites as there are within it. With car park ticket advertising, no message is ever wasted.

This marketing method has remained popular and powerful in the face of new developments for a very good reason: it works. Give us a call on 01482 679608 or use our contact form and together we’ll help you to spread awareness of your cause and share information faster than ever.

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