The Best Ways to Reward your Workforce

Running a company or simply managing your team in the workplace can require vast amounts of skill, confidence, understanding and leadership, as it’s important to keep your employees motivated and ready to succeed on a daily basis. However, maintaining productivity can have its difficulties, which is why it’s important to effectively reward employees and make them feel appreciated.

A recent poll found that 35% of workers would be happier if they received a larger amount of recognition at work, and happy employees are statistically more productive. Here’s a list of some of the best ways to give them the rewards they deserve.

Employee of the Week/Month/Year

A large amount of companies have adopted this scheme by which a single employee is singled out for their work efforts. This can be based upon the activity-based results of an employee or by their continued hard work. Furthermore, you can select your employee of the month by an internal voting system throughout the business. This is a great way of boosting engagement and invites colleagues to nominate those they work with and value the most.

A team night out

After a productive day, take your team out for an evening. It’s that simple. A fancy restaurant or a night at the theatre can work wonders and it’s totally your choice where you go. Whatever the case, it’s a great way for the team to bond and relax outside the confines of the office walls.


Make your team feel special by putting on a spread. Gather orders the day before and ask them to arrive a little earlier than usual, then enjoy something delicious together. Staggeringly, some studies find that over 25 million Brits don’t make time to eat in the morning, so buying brekky for your staff will ensure that they are well nourished and prepared for the day’s challenges.

An early finish

This is of course at the discretion of your company’s management but it’s still a great way of incentivising hard work and rewarding the team. Surprising employees with a spontaneous early finish tells them that heir hard work is being noticed and the objectives for that day have been successfully fulfilled.


Above all else, employees want to know that their years of commitment and loyalty are not forgotten. Internal promotions are integral to incentivising productivity and allowing workers to climb the career ladder without needing to leave the company. Lack of career advancement or opportunities are continually the biggest reasons for people to leave their jobs. Even if the role is the same, promoting a Sales Executive to a Senior Sales Executive reflects well on the company and the individual.

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