The Ideal Tool for All Companies Great and Small

We’re proud to offer an effective promotional platform that’s popular with brands such as Specsavers, Handmade Burger Company and Arriva, whilst affordable enough for small, independent businesses to access too.

If you’ve never used car park ticket advertising, you’re really missing a trick. The format presents features and benefits that no other marketing tool can boast, such as…

Compact design

By its very nature, a car park ticket is small enough to pop into a purse or pocket, yet large enough to include a strong and clear advert on its reverse. This allows you (or our in-house studio) to design something that draws attention, without all of the fiddly details that go on a poster or flyer. The result is a promotion that gets key messages across in an instant.

Quality AND quantity

Our parent company, Nagels UK, prints top quality car park tickets for busy hotspots across the nation. This means that AdsOnTickets has an enormous portfolio of locations for you to choose from, ranging from large cities and shopping centres, to popular rural areas and cultural attractions. The quality therefore comes as standard, allowing you to choose a quantity of tickets that suits your needs.


Whilst the tickets themselves are flexible, so too are the options that we present to our customers. You could run one campaign in a single location, or the same campaign in lots of different places at the same time. You could even launch up to six unique adverts simultaneously, which is great for sharing different messages and also allows you to gauge which one gets the most traction.


Unlike a flyer that’s thrust into your hand or shoved through your letterbox, a radio commercial between your favourite tracks or a sponsored ad that you need to watch before a video starts, car park tickets are accepted without hesitation. This is because the ticket itself is a service that the recipient is paying for, with the ad coming along for the ride without complaint. What’s more, the driver needs to hold onto the ticket in order to leave the premises, which usually results in your ad being seen at least twice. This goes a long way to achieving brand recognition and the following of a call to action.

If you like the sound of our unique promotional platform, call our team of advertising innovators today on 01482 679608 or use our contact form.

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