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A difficult side to marketing is making sure that you’re spending your budget on the right things. For example, will a piece of advertorial in the local paper be read by enough people to justify the cost, and do you really think that even a tenth of your flyers will be retained for more than a few seconds?

Similarly, you need to know that engagement will convert into sales. That video you paid hundreds or even thousands to have produced looks great and has tons of views, but are people then following the call to action or simply clicking away? This applies to all forms of marketing activity, from billboards to sponsored tweets, promotional merchandise to trade fairs.

At AdsOnTickets, we’re dedicated to making sure that our customers’ campaigns are seen by large audiences in targeted areas at a time when they can digest messages, and also throw in a reason for them to see your advert on multiple occasions. The solution behind this is incredibly simple: all of our adverts are on the back of car park tickets.

The very nature of a car park ticket is that it is required to access the premises. However, it is also needed later on when the driver is leaving, which results in the ticket being carefully retained and viewed at least once more with fresh eyes. As a result, the ticket is considered a resource that the holder has paid for, rather than an unexpected and unwelcome piece of rubbish that can be discarded.

It is this retention and requirement that sets car park ticket advertising apart from all other types of promotion. When the audience happily accepts the advert and keeps it safe, you can rest assured that it will be digested by a far larger ratio. What’s more, through clear and eye-catching design with a strong call to action, you’ll find that your conversion rate soars in no time at all.

As for artwork and wording, go for something that’s relatively simple so that it can be soaked up in an instant. Special offers work particularly well, but you can essentially talk about anything you like and will achieve a high response rate providing that the message is effective. 

It’s time for your business to invest in a marketing tool that brings results quickly and affordably. Whether it’s for advice and suggestions, a chat about potential ad locations, or taking on our dedicated in-house design studio to do the creative work for you, give AdsOnTickets a call on 01482 679608 or use our contact form.

It’s amazing how powerful a pocket-sized piece of card can be, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to make it work for your brand.


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