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Many of our customers are local authorities, healthcare organisations and retailers that want to deliver key messages effectively. However, our affordable promotional platform isn’t limited by sector or industry, so whatever it is you do, we’re here to help you get more business.

Below are some company types that greatly benefit from giving AdsOnTickets a call. 


Everyone needs a solicitor at some point in life. It could be for personal reasons or business purposes, from buying a home or filing for divorce, to growing your company, collecting debt or expanding into larger property. Whatever the case, every town and city has a range of solicitors and beating the competition can be tough, so you need to find ways to get your messages seen at the right time.

Whether it’s a general advert for legal services, a campaign that focuses on a key area such as conveyancing, or even getting people to visit your blog for free tips and advice, car park ticket advertising is an excellent way to access a huge targeted audience.

Marketing agencies

By definition, marketing agencies tend to focus primarily on digital promotions to get the word out. Whilst social media, blogs and infographics are effective, sometimes you need an extra push to get your messages seen.

Simply choose from our hundreds of locations and create a vibrant advert that grabs attention – we guarantee that it will be digested and followed up. This is because the advert is accepted along with the ticket, rather than appearing unannounced or at an inconvenient time. You never know, this could result in you bagging your biggest account yet.


There are key times of year for accountants, especially the different tax seasons. We recommend rolling out a campaign a few months beforehand, as this will give it time to gather momentum prior to the time of year that everyone dreads.

Also, the beauty of car park ticket advertising is that not a single ad is wasted, so your messages are delivered until the last ticket is taken. This is a far cry from media coverage that lasts a day, digital promotions that may require additional funds, and billboards that are changed according to the provider’s schedule.

Estate agents

Whether it’s buying, selling or renting, property is always changing hands. Whatever your main message, from low prices and no upfront fees, to being a team of specialists who know the area better than anyone else, this is the perfect opportunity to advertise your offering.

Directing people straight to your website works wonders, plus you can send them exactly where you think will work best. Maybe it’s a webpage showing off a selection of attractive new builds, or virtual tours of some particularly special rustic abodes – the choice is yours and we know you’ll make the right decision.



Ready to have your specialist services seen by thousands? Give us a call on 01482 679608 or use our contact form and let’s get your adverts out there!


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