The Psychology Behind Car Park Ticket Advertising

With so many forms of advertising available for your brand, it can be hard choosing which ones to use as part of a marketing strategy. Whilst a responsive website and active social media channels are essential, you also need to include methods of sending people to them, not to mention increasing footfall to your physical premises. Luckily for you, car park ticket advertising works hand in hand with your other activity without breaking the bank.

What is car park ticket advertising?

Car parks around the UK use ticket machines that allow drivers to use the premises for as long as they need, then exit without a fuss. We print your messages on the reverse of these tickets and then send them to your chosen locations, making it a comprehensive service that’s smooth and simple for every customer.

Why is AdsOnTickets the best choice?

Our sister company Nagels UK was established in 1999 as the UK arm of the Nagels Group, Europe’s largest ticket manufacturer. This means that we print and distribute your adverts in-house, removing the delays and added costs that arise when working with external companies.

We also offer decades of industry experience, including everything from design and delivery, to the best way to get the most out of each campaign.

Why do car park tickets work so well?

It’s easy to assume that a more traditional promotional format such as car park ticket advertising won’t work as well as new digital platforms. However, as with any type of marketing, it’s all down to the way in which your ads are managed and delivered.

Unlike a flyer that gets thrown away, a billboard that is overlooked, tweets that become lost amongst the noise and videos that don’t get watched to the end, car park ticket adverts are directly connected to a service that is paid for by the recipient – access to the car park.

The result is that the ticket and your accompanying ad are happily accepted into the driver’s possession. The ticket is then held onto and safely stored for later use, which usually leads to multiple views of the advert by the same person, aiding the memorisation of key info.

Why does this make such a difference?

The key to effective advertising begins with grabbing attention. However, once this attention is lost, or if the advert is an intrusion, the viewer might as well have not been engaged with in the first place.

Due to the nature of car park ticket advertising, drivers are natural recipients of your adverts as a means of accessing the premises. This makes them more open to reading your messages, storing the ticket in a safe place, and then potentially seeing it all over again when they need to leave.

This gentle yet powerful method of getting messages in front of prospective customers brings top results, especially if your ad includes a special offer or exciting news, such as the announcement of a new store or product launch.

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