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New ways to advertise are often adopted as the flavour of the month by businesses and marketing agencies, which means that they become overused very quickly. Rather than standing out from the crowd, new methods instead become lost in the noise or overlap to create an incomprehensible mess, achieving little more than confusion and a waste of money. Whilst it can be fun giving something new a go, the real return on investment will come from using a solution that’s tried and tested.


Car park ticket advertising has been around for years for a very good reason: it works. That’s why billboards, flyers and newspaper promotions are still around too, but none of them benefit from the levels of attention and retention offered by adverts that go directly into the customer’s hand, wallet and vehicle. By communicating on the back of a car park ticket, which itself is very important and often kept long after its initial use, you’ve secured your company a platform that cannot be ignored. Thanks to it being small, lightweight and portable, you’ll find that a car park ticket advert receives far more engagement than strategies that cost twice as much and often far more. After all, you may not even notice a message on the side of a bus, but you’re bound to digest it if it’s in your own car.

AdsOnTickets hosts strategically located sites across the UK, from shopping centres to bustling urban hotspots, giving you the opportunity to put your brand where the people are. We want to make your campaigns work to your specific requirements, so you can choose to rollout your adverts across multiple sites, focus on a particular city or type of area, blast out a single message, or use various designs as a means of testing the effectiveness of different approaches. Whether you want to introduce a new service or premises, present a special offer, drive traffic to your website or raise awareness of a product or cause, car park ticket advertising is more adaptable than you may think.

You can also integrate your car park ticket advertising with digital platforms, such as encouraging people to engage with your social media (selfies and hashtags can work wonders) or sending them to a competition page on your website. If you have an online shop, we recommend using dedicated promo codes (10% off, free delivery or whatever works best), as they allow you to track uptake to a high level of detail.

We’re here to help and always happy to answer any questions. Give AdsOnTickets a call on 01482 679608 or use our contact form and together we’ll get you thousands of views every day up and down the country.


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