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If your business needs to sell tickets, we can help you do it. From bums on seats to guided historical walks and open-top buses to rollercoasters, car park ticket advertising is an excellent way to get the word out and convert awareness into sales.

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Many of our clients use our advertising options to promote a long-term offer, such as 2-for-1 or 10% off, but what you do is entirely your decision. If you have a unique offer that you think will work, go for it. If you want to target a specific city or region, no problem. If you have multiple discounts that you need to get out there simultaneously, that’s what we’re here for! Car park ticket advertising is straightforward and easy to book whilst remaining flexible and highly effective, which is why AdsOnTickets is trusted across the UK.

What you advertise is down to you; however, we suggest a special discount on entry, a freebie from the gift shop, a BOGOF on meals or anything else that will make people put aside a day or two in their calendars. You can make these offers open or time-sensitive and include any Ts&Cs required. Even better, direct people to a specific page on your website to find out more, that way you can increase web traffic, track analytics and encourage visitors to follow your social media channels in the process.

Countless drivers in the UK use car parks on a regular basis, from residents and workers to tourists and business executives, so by delivering your campaign direct to their vehicle, you catch far more eyes than most forms of advertising. The beauty of pay and display tickets is that many people leave them in their cars and wallets afterwards, or even keep them for reimbursement or tax exemption, increasing the longevity and potential impact of the advert.

We want to see more people visiting theatres, museums, art galleries, adventure parks and heritage sites because culture and entertainment are the life and soul of the nation. If you agree and want to take advantage of competitive rates, adaptable solutions and a no-nonsense approach to increasing your sales, get in touch on 01482 679608 or use our contact form and let’s get those tickets sold!

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