Using a Traditional Platform for Digital Engagement

Car park ticket advertising may have been around for a long time, but that doesn’t mean that it’s lost its edge and impact. In fact, due to more people driving each year, as well as safe and secure car parks becoming increasingly prevalent around city centres and tourist attractions, AdsOnTickets is offering promotional solutions to more customers than ever before. And whilst many of our advertisers are companies with physical premises, we also deliver countless campaigns for digital entities.

It’s easy to think that a company dependent on web traffic would put its entire budget into digital platforms, such as social media advertising and pay per click campaigns. However, there are multiple obstacles that stand in the way of online messages getting through to the right people, from immense amounts of competition and being outbid by a rival, to your audience coming across your ad when they’re busy or tired. Compare this to car park ticket advertising and it suddenly becomes clear that older tools can sometimes prove more effective than new ones.

Advertise with us, and your branded message will be happily taken in hand by thousands of drivers without question. This is because, unlike an online promotion, the ticket itself is a product required to access a service. Even better, the driver needs to retain the ticket in order to later leave the premises without a fuss or surcharge, so your advert remains with them for far longer than anything they’ll see on the Internet.

A key feature of digital advertising is analytics, which allow you to view the number of people that engaged with your advert and in what way. At first it could appear that this is where car park ticket advertising stumbles, and yet it can actually offer a tracking method that’s every bit as effective. For example, the ticket could point to a landing page that is hidden from the website’s navigation panel, thereby allowing you to know exactly how many people have visited as a result. Alternatively (or in conjunction), you could offer a discount code, freebie or downloadable resource solely through your car park ticket advert, thereby providing a strong incentive and an additional level of engagement data.

This kind of campaign will prove valuable for all kinds of businesses and sectors, from online box offices and Etsy shops to NHS awareness campaigns and corporate services. You simply need to provide the artwork or hire our design studio to create some eye-catching visuals, choose which cities and locations you wish to target (between 1 and 6 simultaneously), then watch your site metrics spike in all the right places.

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