Using Car Park Ticket Advertising to Achieve Social Good

Social good comes in many shapes, from promoting road safety, to encouraging people to get involved in health initiatives. We’re very happy to say that over the years, our advertising solution has helped many companies, organisations and short-term campaigns to deliver messages that make a real difference to people’s lives.

Whether you work for a local authority, the emergency services, the NHS, a private health provider or any other organisation that strives to bring positive change, we can push your messages to a wide and/or targeted audience. We achieve this by talking to you about your unique requirements and KPIs, suggesting the best way to reach people in key locations, and delivering your campaigns to maximum effect.

An excellent example of a customer we work with to spread awareness of social good messages is East Riding of Yorkshire Council. Collaborating with their marketing team, we’ve rolled out campaigns across their region that range from preventing drink driving and recruiting foster carers, to offering free NHS health checks and advertising their leisure centres. By focussing on car parks within the local authority’s district, all of these calls to action have been followed by people that live in the surrounding area.

Similarly, Go Safe Glasgow ran an eye-catching campaign that promoted cycling, with the aim to increase the amount of people travelling by bicycle in the city. Whilst lowering congestion and pollution levels, this also helped people to keep fit, save money and learn more about cycling safety.

A particularly effective campaign thanks to strong design and a very clear call to action was Winchester BID’s mission to reduce homelessness. The message was very impactful, asking “Can you spare change for real change?” and giving options for donating, which included sending a text to special number or visiting a range of Winchester shops and pubs. This actually had three levels of engagement, as the advert raised awareness, invited donations, and also drove more footfall to the city centre.

Finally, Arriva ran a great car park ticket advertising campaign that encouraged people to take the bus instead of driving. By offering £1 off a bus ticket, this campaign was a means of increasing sales; however, by adding the clear message that it would help to alleviate congestion and pollution in the city, it also had an element of social good, making it an effective combination of two core strategies.

If you’d like to find out more about how AdsOnTickets can help you to make the world a better place through effective advertising, give us a call on 01482 679608 or use our contact form.

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